Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Today Exit Polls confirm BJP coming to Power

And The good News!

All Exit Polls confirmed today... Modi Winning
2014 National Elections.

Now there are no doubts Modi On 16th May 
Becoming Prime Minister of India

One thing is certain now, BJP is coming to Power
Because People of India demanded a Change.

Change of Corrupt governance. 
Change of Weak and Remote Controlled Leadership.
Change of Rudderless and leaderless government.

If we go by the Exit Poll indications
Narendra Modi Led Government in Delhi will be
Strong, Stable and visionary.

And Narendra Modi with his excellent Track Record in 
Good Governance and Development,
under his leadership,
India will witness Zero tolerance for corruption
in the government, bureaucracy and administration.

India will see growth, opportunities for all
and will see vibrant Indian economy.
India+s glorious past will be revived once again
and India will be positioned as a strong
growing economy in the Asian region

The National security issues, border issues, terrorism on Indian soil will be dealt with firmly and 
innocent Indians will not be allowed to get killed 
in the terror attacks.

Modi as a Prime Minister of India
India will Change and transform into an industrial power, 
an economic power.and an international
Super Power in this competitive world. 

India will Change for Good.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher