Monday, May 12, 2014

Watch the Video- BJP´s Amit Shah Answers All questions.

 Brilliant Answers to Every media Question
By BJP leader Amit Shah 

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Watch This video where Amit Shah is replying brilliantly to every question thrown at him by Press Reporters, Editors, Journalists and even some professionals.

You will see how media plays mischief by deliberately trying to FIX Amit Shah on many issues which are purely a creation of the media to show Modi, Amit Shah and BJP in the bad light. But it is good to watch Amit Shah exposing their dishonesty while reporting. 

In this interview of Amit Shah, You get to see the fake face of the media which keeps trying give spin to real story and do not report news story with professional honesty. 

Just like a story that was distorted recently by Door Darshan Channel on Narendra Modi´s interview. Every news reporter from TV channels provoked Priyanka Vadra on "Narendra Modi´s "Beti" comment. What was reported by the news reporters to Mrs Priyanka Vadra was not the truth but distorted truth.

Just like when Narendra Modi gave interview to foreign Reporter where Mr Modi gives an example of a small puppy accidentally getting killed under the car. 

Just like in one of his rallies, he accepted the most religious scarf but not the skull cap offered by a Muslim cleric and it became a big issue

Our journalists , baring may be few, most play a devil´s role and try to blow non issue out of proportion  only to sensationalize the news and boost viewership by distorting news stories.

The debates on popular channels by select few participants become prosecutors, witness and juries too to pass their judgements on what s right and what´s not ? These few so called intellectuals from the  media community decides who´s at fault. who´s wrong? And you could see their political leanings, and loyalties while each one of them is giving views. 

And you see this mainly because, most of the media houses are owned by some politician who belongs to Congress party. In fact, it is said that many media houses are under the control of Congress party.. So obviously these channels and print publications dish out news stories which are clearly bias against Narendra Modi and supporting Congress. 

This video Amit Shah is seen puting these journalists in their place who are asking mischievous questions and even exposing their hidden political motives. These fake and fraud journalism must be exposed as it is not being honest in reporting news its true perspective. 

They misinform their readers and views. They mislead them and they fabricate, distort stories to help their political partners for political benefits. 

This video is a story about this dishonesty by the media which has been targeting Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and BJP for the last 12 long years and have made them accused. . 


 Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher  . .