Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bollywood writes a fake story on Secularism

Who is in the Dock Today?
Section of the Bollywood personalities who want to prove 
they are the champions of Secularism?

I was shocked to watch the debate on Times Now last night. How some people go back to Gandhijee`s assassination, and 2002 Gujarat Riots to prove themselves Secular.? 

Just to place Narendra Modi in the Dock with their selective memory. These fake frauds must be exposed to stop this communal poison from spreading.

Nobody justifies and nobody will, the killing of our great Mahatma or nobody supports the unfortunate riots when innocents get killed. It is all a creation of section of the media, few journalists, some politicians and Human Right Activists who enjoy this Modi bashing 24 X 7 365 days.

But I fail to understand is, can this political spin off be used to call someone a murderer? a Killer? A Fascist or Hitler? Isn't this a plain, simple communal politics in play?

And who are these people? Bollywood personalities ? Appealing to people ..the need of the hour is to vote for Secularism.? 

So, corruption by Congressmen, Scams and the national loot by Congress party, corrupt governance by congress party, high prices breaking backs of common people, threat at borders and National security, are no issues for these charlies? Only Secularism is?
You know this is insulting the ordinary citizen who is struggling to meet both ends and surviving with meager income. If one can stay on the job too is a big gift in this political and financial crisis-

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong to appeal to people by any group, It must be viewed as their right. But this is different. This group from Bollywood has an hidden agenda that is attempting to call Modi communal, divisive, Murderer and Fascist. 

It is a clear political campaign against Modi and BJP
So be it., It is their political positioning. But let it be clear when you say openly, secularism is threatened? Spell out by whom? Spell out who is secular and who is communal?

Some of the members on the panel in the TIMES NOW debate openly confessed when cornered by other participants like Anupam Kher and Pandit that... Yes, they think Modi is communal, fascist. They think, Modi becoming a Prime minister of India is a Big Threat to secularism of this country, Because he is murderer, and responsible for the killings of Muslims in 2002 Gujarat riots?

Now here comes the problem. That is what is highly objectionable in their appeal. Who is communal and who is secular is everyone`s personal perception. Again who is going to decide that?

But these Bollywood personalities have scripted this story themselves, Directed it themselves and produced it themselves. And Yesterday, they tried to launch it on Times Now News hour. on the National TV. 

When you are making allegations and accusations publicly that too about a Prime Ministerial candidate who is just recently cleared from all the allegations by the Supreme court, shouldn't this group justify their serious allegations against Narendra Modi ? 

Can anyone loosely make such serious allegations in public domain and get away? These are all responsible Bollywood personalities.

It is nothing but a communal politics being played by few people in the Bollywood industry like Mahesh Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt claims to be Secular minded and keeps fueling communal sentiments in his speeches to Muslim audience. Mahesh Bhatt and few others are the ones who believe Narendra Modi is Communal, Murderer and Fascist Hitler. And they just don't stop there... they also say, he will victimize minority, partition this country again, and fuel riots all over India?

This is instilling fear among the minority community with political motives. And therefore it is very serious propaganda during election time. and it must be viewed seriously.

Those who believe in Electoral Democracy, those who believe in Indian judiciary will never ever disrespect our Judiciary and its judgements.

People like Mahesh Bhatt do not believe in Natural and Fair justice and fundamental principles of justice that says... no one, no one accused of any crime is considered a criminal till proven guilty of his her crime. Nobody can be punished till his crime is proven in the court of law
In case of Narendra Modi, he is been personally grilled for the last 12 years by courts in Gujarat, courts outside Gujarat, He is questioned By Supreme court monitored Investigation Team for as long as 9 hours to get to know his version.

Just last week once again the court of the highest order in India gave its verdict, saying all allegations against Narendra Modi are baseless, politically motivated and do not have any substance to prove any charges against Modi about 2002 Gujarat riots. 

All charges by Teesta Setalvad against Narendra Modi are fake, fabricated and baseless is what the court passed the judgement.on 2002 Gujarat riots.

And Mahesh Bhat,with few others from Bollywood industry are trying to prove Supreme court judgement is wrong. Don't They believe in Indian judiciary? They want to Hang an innocent person for no fault of his?

Or they want to play their communal politics?

It is very clear from their selective memory. None of them have put Congress in the Dock for Shikh massacre in 1984?

None of them talk about ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits who are driven out of their own motherland 30 years back and living in Delhi slums?

If these are honest citizens, and so much concerned about communal riots, they should first study our Riots history and if one has to go by the Riots history, it is the Congress who is put in the Dock for the many worst communal riots during their governments?

And that makes it very clear who is communal? This Bollywood stunt is nothing but fooling people. Most of them are regular Modi bashers but do not have courage to openly state in their appeal who they think is Secular and be voted in power. They haven't said that.

These pseudo Secular Bollywood personalities think, they need to advise others on who is Secular and who is Communal... here is the information for them on riots during Congress Rule.

Will they question Congress on who is punished till today?

There are solid evidences to prove Congressmen KamalNath, Jagdish Tytler, Sajan Kumar were in the front in the 1984 Sikh massacre. There are Eye witnesses who have seen them leading mobs against innocent Shikhs.. CBI in their records have stated, Police played a supporting role in Shikh riots and there is enough evidence to book many Congressmen and police personnel who actively helped rioters.

Will these so called champions of Secularism ask Congress why Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have been protecting these criminals?

Has anyone still been punished and sent to jail in the last 30 years? Will Mahesh Bhatt who claims to be secular has  the courage to question Sonia and Rahul Gandhi? 

He keeps spewing poison all the time against Narendra Modi when Modi is cleared of all charges by the highest court of this country?

Who is playing communal politics? Just look at this Riots history and You will know Congress tainted, criminal past.
1947 Bengal 5,000 to 10,000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1964 Rourkela.. 2,000 DEAD. CONGRESS RULE.
1967 Ranchi 200 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1969 Ahmadabad 512 .DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1970 Bhiwandi.. 80.DEAD.. CONGRESS RULE.
1980 Moradabad 2,000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1983 Nellie Assam 5,000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE.
1984 anti-Sikh Delhi 2,733 DEAD . CONGRESS RULE
1984 Bhiwandi . 146 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1985 Gujarat 300. .DEAD . CONGRESS RULE
1986 Ahmadabad 59 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1989 Bhagalpur 1,070 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1990 Hyderabad 300 PLUS DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1992 Mumbai 900 TO 2000 DEAD CONGRESS RULE
1992 Aligarh 176 .DEAD CONGRESS RULE

From this History of Riots... Who can be held responsible for communal Riots`in the country?

And also listen to this video of Mahesh Bhat and his hate speeches.,Does he sound Secular while challenging the majority and provoking the minority?

There is a real danger from people like Mahesh bhatt and  politicians like Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. Digvijay Singh. Salman Khurshid, Mulayum Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Sharad Pawar and like who keep playing communal politics to please their Muslim vote banks. 

But the fact is ... Muslims are refusing today to be used as vote banks.

They know it well, Congress and people like Mahesh Bhatt are scaring them by telling stories about Modi and BJP. Gujarat Muslims have come out openly in support of Narendra Modi. So is the case in Varanci and other parts of India. Times have changed.

You can not keep fooling people all the time.

These people with their fake Secular characters are serious threat to our country. Because, these famous personalities like Mahesh Bhat are using their social positions to mislead and misguide minority people only to serve their own political objectives. 

Their communal politics of HATE is their politics of convenience and catering to their vote bank politics.

But it is dangerous for India.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.

View this video from You Tube exposing communal characteristic of Mahesh Bhatt and Congress Instigating Muslims for Jihad again