Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why Mrs Priyanka Vadra feels outraged?

Who is in the Dock Today? 
The Gandhi Family

Today, Priyanka Vadra is feeling outraged since her husband is being accused of making loads of money with his Gandhi connections.

Why should Mrs Vadra feel agitated and outraged?

When her brother Rahul Gandhi spoke in his election speech publicly about Modi´s married life and his wife with cheap political motives, Mrs Vadra as a woman did not feel outraged?

Mrs Vadra did not think that was immodest and out of turn, mocking at sombody´s personal life when the lady is not in politics?  That she approved and enjoyed, though it was personal and most immodest and uncivilized?

Is Modi`s wife in politics? Does anybody have a right to make it a election pitch ? Mrs Priyanka Vadra is being selective in her politics.

Yes, it is a political reality today, questions raised by many citizens about Gandhi family need to be answered. When you are in public life and When you yourself have been raising questions on Narendra Modi and BJP, You must know, you too will be questioned. on all the issues including your husband.

Robert Vadra is one of the  issues. Because at one point, he was awarded equal status  that of the President and Prime Minister at the Airports when Vadra was nobody in politics and government ? His name was on the board at the airport in VVIP category? He was holding  the special status at the airport and was never frisked, checked at the point of entry and exit? 

How did he attain that special status? With whose blessings?

How he was awarded such a highest status with Diplomatic immunity? How did he enjoy these special status without any official position?

Why is Priyanka Gandhi today feeling outraged and complaining in the media, Asking...Why my husband is targeted when he is not in politics? Is he not enjoying all the official status?

Has Robert Vadra become millionaire of the Real Estate Empire in so short time without the blessings of his family? 

If allegations about land deals are not true, why Ashok Khemka, the honest IAS officer in Haryana who exposed Vadra`s fishy land deals, is harassed, and victimized? 

Why CBI is not asked to investigate this case? In case of Modi and Amit Shah, Congress Home Minister is appointing a Special judge to inquire into snoopgate? But Sushilkumar Shinde, Kapil Sebal want to protect Vadrabusiness model? 

Why? are they too benefited from the crores Robert Vadra is making?

Why Rahul Gandhi talks selectively about Adanis in Gujarat and not about his Brother-in-law Robert Vadra in Haryana on Fishy land deals? This is where Rahul Gandhi on his high moral ground claims is getting exposed and proves he too is a part of the loot.

When it comes to Modi... All Congress ministers demand Supreme Court monitored Investigations?  Why are ministers like Kapil Sebal, Chidamambaram are coming for Vadra´s defense? Is he in the government? Or is he a private person?
In case of Modi...Even after fair investigations, Congress demands further investigation, and deeper investigation and judicial investigation?

If they keep claiming Vadra is a private citizen, a private businessman and he has nothing to do with Congress and Gandhi family, why government Ministers come out in his defense in the media? Let Vadra Defend himself.

We citizens know how corrupt governance and corrupt  bureaucracy can do anything for powerful, politically connected people. In Haryana, it is Congress Government. Robert Vadra has received full support from Haryana government and its administration and Ashok Khemka is become the victim of the corruption of Congress Rule in Haryana.
Mrs Priyanka Vadra...There is no point in playing victim role when you are enjoying power to grow your assets and financial profits.

Of course, everyone enjoying power, directly or indirectly is questionable and answerable in a Democracy.. 

We know what was the Railgate all about. How Minister`s relative was directly involved in fixing jobs in Railways at huge price. And was caught. And we also know, how Congress government helped Minister Pawan Bansal, to get out of the mess by using its political pressure on CBI?

The country has seen it happening on national channels as the story was unfolding.

Who are we fooling? Yes, we knew that time, CBI is truly a Caged Parrot as rightly described by the Supreme court.

So we know all about the corruption cases from CWG to 2G to Coalgate to Railgate to Augusta westland, to Adarsha, irrigation and power..The list is long and surprisingly no one till today is convicted and jailed because Congress has been shielding its ministers shamelessly and even shielding its alliance partners like Mulayum Singh and Mayawati, Laloo Prasad,and many others who are looting this country.

Do we still VOTE for this corrupt Congress Rule? Or should this corrupt Congress be voted out of power to save India?

If you believe in Nation First Theory and National interests supreme... you will voter this time for BJP, That is for Narendra Modi.
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher