Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dishonest comments by Amartys Sen, Amitav Ghosh..

Amartya Sen and Amitav Ghosh, 
two  intellectuals say, 
Narendra Modi is not a good PM material.

But I wonder about their honesty? Are they honest in saying this or it is their political propaganda for Congress?

Because they are not saying... Rahul Gandhi would be the worst PM material? 

By not saying this, are they saying Rahul is a good PM candidate for India.???
Why are they not saying  who is the right choice for PM?

And why is Amartya Sen making an outrageous comment that Muslims are rightly feeling feared about Narendra Modi becoming PM ? 

Is he fair in making such statements when in reality Muslims feel otherwise in Gujarat ?
Or is he trying to be politically correct?

Whatever, they both are not voting for Modi or BJP. So they say. So what?

And Amitav Ghosh has earlier declared that if Modi becomes PM of India, he will leave the country. He is most welcome to leave India. Because, if BJP comes to power, Modi will become PM of India and that means people of India have voted BJP and Narendra Modi as their choice to lead India.

If these two intellectuals do not respect our constitution, our electoral Democracy, and the mandate given by the people of India... they should leave this country and stay wherever they wish to, but should not insult the intelligence of the Indian electorate.

By condemning Modi openly, and by scaring the Muslims in India, they have already insulted the electorate of Gujarat who have voted Narendra Modi in power four times. 

Gujarat state is still in one piece under Modi`s government for the last 15 years and Muslims of Gujarat have not migrated to any other state because they are persecuted in Gujarat.
Have they? Are their any media reports suggesting mass exodus from Gujarat by Muslims on account of persecution?

These intellectuals must know what they are talking ? This sounds like a lose talk without any sound rational basis..They are not only irrational in their personal judgements but they are making politically motivated comments. Their political patronage can be clearly seen but that is where they have lost their neutrality and credibility. They can support corrupt Congress but let there be honesty in their political observations when they are publicly speaking.

This I am saying with responsibility because both these intellectuals have not uttered a word about last ten years of corrupt governance by Congress led UPA government in power.???

They have not publicly commented on Congress Scams, poor and corrupt governance, wrong policies, policy paralysis, failure on economic front, Rupee losing its value, high prices, lack of good infrastructure, failure in providing good health facilities, educational opportunities, 24 hrs power and drinking water? Threat to National security, Failure of Congress government in fighting the war with Terrorists ?

Have these two gentlemen said a word about non performing Congress government for last decade? NO
They have not. Whereas, Narendra Modi is democratically elected Chief minister four times by people of Gujarat. How can they offend Gujarat ? And not question Congress about their failures?

This shows their political dishonesty and political loyalty to congress.
If they want to leave India for wrong reasons, it is their choice. But let them not play their politics with Indians  We citizens know what we want from our elected government and who we want to govern. in our frustrations.

This advice by these two intellectuals with all due respect is uncalled for. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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