Saturday, May 3, 2014

Media playing Mischief

Media mischievously picking non-issues 
to target Modi.

Whatever Modi says, media and Congress will blow it out of proportion and make such a big issue as if India is today getting partitioned again on communal lines? 

The so called fake secularists are talking like that in TV debates as if common man is a stupid ass.

All other issues of national importance  Modi elaborately talks on good governance, corruption, development, foreign policy, Pakistan, China, industrial growth, agricultural plans, farmers future, job opportunities for the youth, federalism, poverty, education, health services, power for 24 hrs, water at every home in rural regions, good roads linking all remotest villages, exports textiles future, foreign investments, safety for women, national security issues, high commodity prices, relief for common people to make life better, more comfortable is NOT the subject of debate by the popular TV channels?

But.... What is debated on the TV channels??

Why Modi did not apologize for 2002 Gujarat Riots?, Why Modi refused to wear Skull cap?, Why Modi said this and not that ? This may be politically important for the media debates and for political parties like Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, NCP because clearly they see political advantage from these issues to target Modi and save their own backs. 

So the strategy is...divert the focus of debate. Make it Modi centric. And make it a Breaking News. Make it sensational news.

What a pity? We common people look forward to listen to different views of leaders on more serious issues country is facing. But the debates by every TV channel is focused on only 2002 Gujarat Riots, why Amit Shah said this, why Modi did not say this, why Rajnath met so and so??

It is the section of the Indian media playing big politics with the people of India.

And all the so called Secular political parties are purposely talking of Non issues just to hide their poor governance, failure to deliver on their poll promises and their deep involvement in corruption.

They all have become millionaires and want their political shops to profit from their communal politics against Narendra Modi. None of these political parties are Secular but Faking Secularism and playing VOTE BANK politics. 

Look at the way Gandhi family talks in their speeches.

I am a person who has been watching debates on all the channels but feeling disgusted for the quality of debates they conduct. Third grade, politically inspired and sponsored.

In our country, the corruption is so deep rooted in our society that section of media, business community and political class have formed an unholy alliance and working as political agents with political agendas to target people like Narendra Modi..In this racket, even Human Right Activists and NGOs are hired to work along side to execute political agenda.

Last 12 years of Modi bashing is an example of this corrupt groups coming together with their political targets like Narendra Modi, Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, It has reached its peak and this is a well set racket where all involved have partnership in it with some political motives and, financial rewards.

It is sick, frustrating and disgusting to watch helplessly, a group of dishonest people are shamelessly fooling 1.2 billion people of this country for many years.

This MUST Change. This MUST STOP. This MUST End.

Then only our frustrations will end. I am staying in Mumbai suburbs and at least more than 5 times power goes off everyday.. Just now our security guard came and told, there will not be water from now till tomorrow night?

What has this Secular government done for this country? How does the Secular politics help in development? I am secular by character. Am I getting 24X7 power, water? Who is interested in the communal politics?

If this is the condition in Mumbai, imagine the state in our rural areas. No power for 15-18 hrs. No water to drink. forget for farming.

What are these so called intellectual journalists debating with the political class? This is that rich elite Class who do not know what the ordinary common people suffering is?. It is not a wrong impression that this elite class baring few gets into politics, or work for Human Rights to save Rapists,Terrorists and participate in TV debates.

Do they know what the life of ordinary people is without water, power, no money in pocket,and worse, no job? Do they know what the sufferings of ordinary people are?

What debates are they having on irrelevant subjects which are non issues created by the media merely to boost their TRPs with the tacit understanding of political class, few journalists and NGOs.

Yes, this Chaywallah Modi, who has seen poverty, worked hard by selling tea in trains, worked his way up till Gujarat CM, understands what poverty means. What hunger means.

He has seen it and lived it. He is not corrupt. And he does not allow corruption in his governance. He is done well for Gujarat. That is why Gujarat voted him in power four times.

Are people of Gujarat fools to vote Hitler, a Fascist? They voted him in power as Chief Minister four times?

You should know this well...Gujaratis are business minded people and they will not endorse anybody as their leader unless they are extremely happy with his governance model, development and progress.and his policies.

That is why Narendra Modi must be our only choice in 2014 elections for India`s Prime Minister.

If You want to CHANGE India from corrupt governance of Congress and NCP. of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. 

Vote for BJP. 

Whatever the media debates, We can see, Those are set, manipulated and managed debates. Let us not get fooled by them. Let us do what is BEST for India and Indian Interest.

Let us not get fooled by Secular and Communal politics.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher ..