Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barkha Dutt and her Professional dishonesty

Barkha Dutt of NDTV interviewing
with professional dishonesty to target Modi

Knowing Barkha Dutt like journalists who do not follow journalistic ethics and do not have professional honesty or integrity, I was not surprised to see her political agenda while interviewing two prominent political guests.

Mrs Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton when they were on the visit to India.

Her only objective while interviewing both the personalities was to get that one line for the Breaking News on her NDTV screen. And she did her best with her most unintelligent journalistic manners, but could not succeed because, both Mr and Mrs Clinton are not only matured political leaders from US but also do not play for the media gallery. Like the Indian politicians use media for serving their dishonest political goals with the help of our corrupt media houses.

What was Barkha Dutt trying to extract from Clintons?

Only one story. Why America changed its position on not granting US Visa to Narendra Modi after May 16th 2014?

And this question, she re-phrased several times to get that one story from her guests who were not interested in playing her political game with India nor Narendra Modi.

In the most dignified way, Barkha Dutt was told by both the Clintons " May be Indian media is taking up a non issue anymore.

Mrs Hillary Clinton said to Barkha Dutt:.

     " We think... it is no more an issue after Indians chose Narendra Modi as their leader and elected him in majority. Shouldn't you move on and let the past be the past?"

And Bill Clinton replied...

That is all past. We need to move on. The final verdict in the recent parliamentary elections is delivered by the people of India and the electorate of India has chosen Mr Modi as their leader with majority. Besides, the Indian judiciary, the highest court of your country cleared his name for not having any iota of evidence against him. So, what is the issue now?

He said further... when asked by Barkha Dutt... What do you think of Modi personally?

Mr Clinton offered his views and said.

      "I have personally seen Mr Modi working during 2001 Earthquake in Gujarat which devastated part of Gujarat and in a manner with well planned strategy Mr Modi worked for people of Gujarat, impressed many, including myself for his tremendous efforts to rebuild affected areas and resettle affected people after the earthquake.""

       "I know him from then and honestly, I am highly impressed with his economic vision he has outlined after taking over PM office. In fact he further added... American administration is eagerly waiting to meet Prime Minister Mr Modi as his visionary policies are going to help both the countries to revive economies. And many world leaders think of Mr Modi in the same way. So let us look forward and keep the past behind.""

When Barkha Dutt failed in her political agenda to get the story she wanted... 

she was disappointed and even her guests knew her hidden political objective in asking what is no more a news nor a story after post election results.

I am writing all this here today because of some more shocking information I received from one article, I got in my mail box.

I thought, I must share it with you all to expose Indian media and some of the journalists who can be classified nothing less than anti national or even traitors who are working against the national interests, Narendra Modi government and most importantly this country.

Read this article and you will know how politicians like Salman Khurshid, the Ex Foreign Affairs Minister from UPA government worked against the interest of India. Indirectly, the efforts of many were to help Pakistan, ISI, and many others stake holders whose intentions have been always to destabilize India politically, economically and commercially.

Read it here...It is a shocker. Every citizen of this country must know the politics of Congress, few media houses and some journalists and NGOs, Human Right Activists who are constantly working in a very sly manners against the national interest of India.

If you have anything to express on this, please feel free to write your views here and share this information with your other contacts in the national interest.


Ajay Angre
Author. Writer. Publisher