Monday, September 8, 2014

Once again "Navtanki" By AAP...

AAP Claims it Has Caught BJP on camera
Trying to 'Buy' Support in Delhi 

AAP Desperation 
to come back to power in Delhi

This sting is well orchestrated By AAP and Congress in desperation to get a political millage and show BJP in bad light.

AAP as usual is trying all the tricks after meeting the President, accusing the Lt Governor as BJP agent, ( He was Congress agent when Congress was in power) now they have got down to their usual mischief.
I fail to understand, why is AAP and Congress so desperate?

When AAP and Congress were in power, they both as their political strategy to counter BJP in national polls to stop Mr Modi coming to power in the center decided to wind up Delhi Assembly? At that point of time they did not think of Delhiets interest but their own political interest. Because Arvind Kejriwal and his gang thought Now AK can beat Mr Modi and become PM. This was the reason why AAP decided to take on Mr Modi in Varanci.

And people of India rejected their phony claims and in Delhi AAP was thrown out with their humiliating defeat.

Does AAP think, they can quit government whenever they wish and they can demand polls whenever they want?

This background only is good enough proof to prove how irresponsible they all are and what kind of politics they are playing with the people of India.
Do they have any respect for Democracy? For Indian constitution? For the mandate by people?

For very long, they have made a mockery of this electoral democracy and behaving like bunch of Anarchists. May be, they believe in "Maoist" thinking who only follow unconstitutional approach. For all these like Arvind Kejriwal, Electoral Democracy  is not the right platform. All of them are nothing but believers in agitations, protest and anarchy.

Have they proved anything in terms of contribution towards social reforms, development in any region?  What are their backgrounds? Activists.
And we do not want such dishonest lot od people who are operating in political space with some undemocratic, unconstitutional agenda.
These all dishonest fake and phony politicians must be shown the door like they were booted out in 2014 national elections. They have no place in this largest electoral democracy. They are the once who betrayed Anna Hazare only for their own lust for power.

Honestly... India does not need such dishonest people in politics. We have had lot many from the time of independence who looted this country on the basis of pseudo Secular bogus political agenda and all the time tried to apply Divide and Rule policy.

Because of their dishonest politics and corrupt characters, India suffered,

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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