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The Colonial Native Vs The Hindu

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This one thought provoking mail I received today from a close friend and when I read it, I thought. I must share this with you all, the third perspective expressed so boldly by an outsider on the burning issue that every day we see our media, especially TV studios are debating.

I do not see sensible discussions, rational, logical arguments in the popular debates but one can easily make out with little intelligence what is actually being orchestrated to place a Hindu only in the dock and his/her Hindu civilization, culture which goes back to 5-7000 years BC.

Ramayana, Mahabharata is questioned everyday because, a Hindu is considered like a "Doormat" anyone can stamp on it, but he should not say a word.

Learned People like retired Justice Markandey Katju can say anything about Ramayana,  Mahabhara, and will not think for a minute, whether what intellectuals like him are  right or wrong, true or false. They don't think also, they need to prove their point of view otherwise.

I am sure a judge in the court would ask to prove its statement on the grounds of evidence. Learned Ex judge Mr Katju does not think, that is necessary, nor does people like Katju think, there are many many historians, foreigners who are doing research by studying Hindu civilization, Hindu culture, History about Lord Rama, and Krishna.

My point is well covered and well presented in the following article written by an outsider. And who is he?

Dr. David Frawley, (American Institute of Vedic Studies, New Mexico)
The Colonial Native Vs The Hindu

Just read his observations about Indians, Hindus, Indian elite, Indian so call intellectual community, Indian politics, politicians and so on.

Lot many people of India who I call Intellectual Mafia, are trying all the time to confuse, abuse, simple, straightforward, ordinary Hindu, who is so liberal in his own ways, own thinking, simply because of the freedom he enjoys from his religious faith that is Hinduism.  But unfortunately, others have started taking him-her for granted.

Its time he speaks for his own past, his identity which has never threatened other faiths, cultures. And for thousands and thousands of years.... the only one philosophical thought promoted by Hinduism is "Sarva Dharma Sama Bhav".

Hey Vishwa Chi Maze Ghar... meaning, this whole world is my home, my family.

The Author Dr Devid Frawley writes....

A defeatist tendency

Exists in the psyche of modern Indians perhaps unparalleled in any other country today. An inner conflict bordering on a civil war rages in the minds of the country’s elite. The main effort of its cultural leaders appears to be to pull the country down or remake it in a foreign image, as if little Indian and certainly nothing Hindu was worthy of preserving or even reforming.

The elite of India

Suffers from a fundamental alienation from the traditions and culture of the land that would not be less poignant had they been born and raised in a hostile country. The ruling elite appears to be little more than a native incarnation of the old colonial rulers who haughtily lived in their separate cantonments, neither mingling with the people nor seeking to understand their customs. This new English-speaking aristocracy prides itself in being disconnected from the very soil and people that gave it birth.

There is probably no other country where...

It has become a national pastime among its educated class to denigrate its own culture and history, however great that has been over the many millennia of its existence. When great archaeological discoveries of India’s past are found, for example, they are not a subject for national pride but are ridiculed as an exaggeration, if not an invention, as if they represent only the imagination of backward chauvinistic elements within the culture.

There is probably no other country where...

The majority religion, however enlightened, mystical or spiritual, is ridiculed, while minority religions, however fundamentalist or even militant, are doted upon. The majority religion and its institutions are taxed and regulated while minority religions receive tax benefits and have no regulation or even monitoring. While the majority religion is carefully monitored and limited as to what it can teach, minority religions can teach what they want, even if anti-national or backward in nature. Books are banned that offend minority religious sentiments but praised if they cast insults on majority beliefs.

There is probably no other country where...

Regional, caste and family loyalties are more important than the national interest, even among those who claim to be democratic, socialist or caste reformers. Political parties exist not to promote a national agenda but to sustain one region or group of people in the country at the expense of the whole. Each group wants as big a piece of the national pie as it can get, not realizing that the advantages it gains mean deprivation for other groups. Yet when those who were previously deprived gain power, they too seek the same unequal advantages that causes further inequality and discontent.

India’s affirmative action code is...

By far the most extreme in the world, trying to raise up certain segments of the population regardless of merit, and prevent others from gaining positions however qualified they may be. In the guise of removing caste, a new castism has arisen where one’s caste is more important than one’s qualifications either in gaining entrance into a school or in finding a job when one graduates. Anti-Brahminism has often become the most virulent form of castist thinking. People view the government not as their own creation but as a welfare state from they should take the maximum personal benefit, regardless of the consequences for the country as a whole.

Outside people need not pull Indians down

Indians are already quite busy keeping any of their people and the country as a whole from rising up. They would rather see their neighbors or the nation fail if they are not given the top position. It is only outside of India that Indians succeed, often remarkably well, because their native talents are not stifled by the dominant cultural self-negativity and rabid divisiveness that exists in the country today.

Political parties In India see gaining power as a means of amassing personal wealth and robbing the nation. 

Political leaders include gangsters, charlatans and buffoons who would stop short at nothing to gain power for themselves and their coteries. Even so-called modern or liberal parties resemble more the courts of kings, where personal loyalty is more important than any democratic participation. Once they gain power politicians routinely do little but cheat the people for their own advantage. Even honest politicians find that they cannot function without some deference to the more numerous corrupt leaders who often have a stranglehold on the bureaucracy.

Politicians divide the country

Into warring vote banks and place one community against another. They offer favors to communities like bribes to make sure that they are elected or stay in power. They campaign on slogans that appeal to community fears and suspicions rather than create any national consensus or harmony.They hold power based upon blame and hatred rather than on any positive programs for social change. They inflame the uneducated masses with propaganda rather than work to make people aware of real social problems like overpopulation, poor infrastructure or lack of education.

Should a decent government come to power

The opposition pursues pulling it down as its main goal, so that they can gain power for themselves. The idea of a constructive or supportive opposition is hard to find. The goal is to gain power for oneself and to not allow anyone else to succeed.

To further their ambitions'...

Indian politicians will manipulate the foreign press to denigrate their opponents, even if it means spreading lies and rumors and making the country an anathema in the eyes of the outside world. Petty conflicts in India are blown out of proportion in the foreign media, not by foreign journalists but by Indians seeking to use the media to score points against their own opponents in the country. The Indians who are responsible for the news of India in the foreign press spread venom and distortion about their own country, perhaps better than any foreigner who dislikes the culture ever could.

The killing of one Christian missionary...

Becomes a national media event of anti-Christian attacks while the murder of hundreds of Hindus is taken casually as without any real importance, as if only the deaths of white-skinned people mattered, not the slaughter of the natives.

Missionary aggression is extolled as social up-liftment, while Hindu efforts at self-defense against the conversion onslaught are portrayed as rabid fundamentalism. One Indian journalist even lamented that western armies would not come to India to chastise the political groups he was opposed to,as if he was still looking for the colonial powers to save him!

Let us look at the type of leaders

That India has had with its Laloo Prasad Yadav ( ex CM Bihar), Mulayam Singh Yadav ( ex CM UP) or Jayalalita to mention but a few. Such individuals are little more than warlords who surround themselves with sycophants. Modern Indian politicians appear more like colonial rulers looting their own country, following a divide and rule policy, to keep the people so weak that their power cannot be challenged.

Corruption exists

Almost everywhere and bribery is the main way to do business in nearly all fields. India has an entrenched bureaucracy that resists change and stifles development, just out of sheer obstinacy and not wanting to give up any control.

The Congress Party

The oldest in this predominantly Hindu nation, has given its leadership to an Italian Catholic woman simply because as the widow of the last Gandhi prime minister, she carries the family torch, as if family loyalty were still the main basis of political credibility in the country. And such a leader and a party are deemed progressive!

The strange thing is...

That India is not a banana republic of recent vintage but one of the oldest and most venerable civilizations in the world.

Its culture is not trumpeting a militant and fundamentalist religion trying to conquer the world for the one true faith but represents a vaster and more cosmic vision. India has given birth to the main religions that have dominated East Asia historically, the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh, which are noted for tolerance and spirituality

It has produced Sanskrit:

Perhaps the world’s greatest language. It has given us the incredible spiritual systems of Yoga and its great traditions of meditation and Self-realization.

As the world looks forward to a more universal model of spirituality and a world view defined by consciousness rather than by religious dogma these traditions are perhaps the most important legacy to draw upon for creating a future enlightened civilization.

The irony:

Is that rather than embracing its own great traditions, the modern Indian psyche prefers to slavishly imitate worn out trends in western intellectual thought like Marxism or even to write apologetic for Christian and Islamic missionary aggression. Though living in India, in proximity to temples, yogis and great festivals, most modern Indian intellectuals are oblivious to the soul of the land. They might as well be living in England or China for all they know of their own country.

"They are isolated in their own alien ideas as if in a tower of iron. If
they choose to rediscover India, it is more likely to occur by reading the books of western travelers visiting the country, than by their own direct experience of the people around them."
I have not read such an in depth analysis of this sort that almost covers everything that is happening in Indian politics today. 

Many Indian politicians, intellectuals, thinkers, think, a Hindu can be treated any ways you want, because he is the most tolerant of all.

Yes, that is very true... He is .... to a limit and he is no exception to the rule.

I remember, once late Sadam Hussain said openly to those who are trying to terrorize India.... He told them...

"The biggest mistake you are making is of awakening that sleeping giant, that most tolerant Hindu, who can take maximum because of his peaceful, accommodating disposition, but you will regret for waking him up,

Leave him alone. It would to be wiser

If you wish to share your views on this, feel free. One needs to be bold to express views without any bias or offense meant.

Ajay Angre
Writer, Author, Publisher

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