Monday, September 8, 2014

Politics By NDTV to Target Mr Modi

Cynical Debate Now on NDTV:... 
The Title says...

Watch: Modi's Pathshala - 
Did he Hijack Teacher's Day or was it a Success?

Knowing the political agenda of Nidhi Razdan and Barkhaa Dutt of NDTV anchors, for their notorious political alignment with Congress, I was not surprised at all to watch this debate on NDTV trying desperately to prove Mr Modi had a political agenda and it has not gone down well with many.

The title of the Debate says it all what NDTV is trying to prove.

Now, honestly...Who are all those who making it a political issue ?
And who is bitterly talking against the PM program with the students ?

These are their own political agents who they invite in their planted debates with their political agenda who are equally dishonest and frauds.The time has come to expose such media houses who work with the political motives and arrange such debates to spread disinformation campaigns.

We have many senior editors, reporters, journalists, operating in the media world who are purchased by political class for their political propaganda campaigns. And then we have many corrupt NGOs and fake Human Rights Activists who are funded by foreign organizations for some hidden political agendas.

Time has come to expose these corrupt media and NGOs..
Of course, we know Congress and all Modi´s political opponents would not like Mr Modi as Prime Minister of this country becoming popular with people, nationally and internationally.

PM´s interaction with the students on Teacher´s Day was very much admired, appreciated and lauded by all the Students, their parents and common citizens.

Then Who really are all these people who are talking against it ? These are  Congressmen,its political alliance partners, CPI CPM who desperate for their political survival making it a political issue as it has been their political agenda to show Mr Modi in bad light on every issue.

But it is only in the bad taste. It is not approved nor appreciated by common people.

The negative reactions by many on NDTV program are not surprising because NDTV wanted to prove that...PM program has not gone down well with teachers.
This simply was a fabricated news story, well orchestrated and scripted by NDTV.

The fact is, PM Mr Modi did have a direct dialogue with the Teachers one day before in a live, one to one session which NDTV deliberately avoided in the debate. Since this media lobby is working against Modi government with Congress support, only wanted to target Mr Modi and his style of working.

That is the only one point political agenda of some media houses.And NDTV anchors like Nidhi Rajdan, Burkha Dutt are in the lead roles. It suits their political agenda and unethical journalism.

For public knowledge, PM Mr Modi said, he is collecting all the data on schools from the country on the issues Teachers and schools are facing. His team of Ministers are given a task to get every bit of information from School Teachers, Students and School managements about problems faced by them.

And this news  information was deliberately edited in the debate by NDTV.

This is a mischievous allegation that the PM instead of interacting with Teachers, and trying to understand their problems, he chose to talk to students. According to NDTV report. 

And thus the Debate... Did PM Highjacked Teacher´s Day program? According to NDTV... Yes!  Because that was the limited view NDTV wanted to broadcast.

I think our politicians are so dishonest and corrupt in their thinking that anything and everything they like to politicize to  get a political millage.

This country is witnessing a corrupt political nexus with the popular media. And that is because we have all sorts of uneducated, fake and frauds entered into politics. Many are coming from corrupt backgrounds. These fake politicians have a corrupt mindset to work like Sycophants, Slaves for their bosses for serving their own political goals. That´s all their political objectives are. Serving the people of country has nothing to do with their being in poliitics.

Their dishonest characters are a result of corrupt  practices followed by many leaders in Indian politics. Such as Laloo Prasad, Mulayum Singh Yadav, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, Mani Shankar Iyer, Salman Khurshid, Ahmed Patel, Shqeel Ahmed or Sharad Pawar, Sushilkumar Shinde, Nitish Kumar, Mayawati or Arvind Kejriwal who with their dishonest politics have only looted this country.

They come together when they see political opportunity to come to power.
What sort of examples these insincere, dishonest, and immoral characters in politics can set for our Students ?

When couple of TV reporters were interacting with the students and parents on the same topic a day before Teacher´s Day... the reactions recorded by reporters of most students and parents and even teachers were of excitement, delight and on the positive note.

Every parent and student welcomed PM´s idea of interaction with the students as a very positive gesture and something which was seen Apolitical.

But the Idea of NDTV was to prove it otherwise and therefore it was a scripted debate with the participants invited who expressed their negative opinions as the objective was set by NDTV.

Who cares for Atul Anjan, Vrunda Kharat, Sanjay Nirupam or Sonia Gandhi like politicians who have in their school times not learned from their teachers to be honest, speak always the truth, admire and appreciate other´s perspectives, and views . For this very reason, these all politicians today are proved failures and because of their dishonesty in public life and their corrupt characters. they are rejected by people of India.

They chose a "Chaywallah" instead to lead them as their leader. Gave him mandate with majority.. .

60 years of Congress governance has proved ZERO in any achievements and 35 years of governance by CPI CPM in West Bengal has proved themselves as NPAs. Non Performing Assets.

These failed leaders who have taken this country for a royal ride because of their corrupt governance, should now quit politics and do some Social work for poor of this country if they want to honestly serve people.

Otherwise, all of them are written off assets in the Books of political accounts by people of India. And if they don't learn their lessons, people will  throw them out for sure.

We have had enough of their loot on the name of pseudo secular politics..

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher