Monday, September 22, 2014

Corrupt Politicians of Maharashtra

Maharashtra Politics: And Common Man

There is lot of Noise. Lot of shouting. Fighting. Confusion. Claims. Counter claims. Accusation. Counter charges.

But where is the man on the street in all this? 

Who rides his two wheeler through Pot holes of bad roads, who does not get good drinking water and power 24 X 7 ? Who is spending more than his earnings on his two times meal? Who does not have good health facilities? Whose children do not get quality eduction? Who is scared on the street, in the train and bust to get killed in terror attack? The women do not feel safe?

Who cares about your prestige, pride, self respect ? 
What we care all about is your achievements while in power. Have you delivered?

Power, Water, Roads, Garbage, Slums, Transport, Tolls, Rising prices, Gealth facilities, Schools, Women security, Crimes,

And...Rampant Corruption by ministers, Corrupt governance. Are our Issues

Who is talking about these issues? We as common people on the street facing these issues every day?

Those in power, what have they delivered in last 15-20 years ?

We see same old corrupt people in the news like Krupa Shankar Singh walking behind Sonia Gandhi, Pruthviraj Chavan.  Krupa Shankar is an accused in amassing wealth by all means of corruption, who was a street vendor, and today owns disproportionate assets in crores ?

Ashok Chavan, who too is an accused in Adarsh case? Ajeet Pawar... whose name has figured in irrigation scam? We see Praful Patel who is responsible for taking Air India to bankrupcy?

What is this Tamasha about seat sharing , power sharing adjustments? 

So is it all the game of grabbing the power by whatever and whichever mean?

My dear voters... 

watch these shameless politicians when you cast your votes. They are not concerned with your welfare. They don't care if our poor farmer ends his life or you don't get the job. They don't even care if you get killed on the street in a bomb blast.

They only want your VOTE and come back to power so that they can loot this country, public assets and enjoy power with RED Beacons in Z Security at your cost.

Once YOU vote them in power... They don't care even if you die while riding your two wheeler because of potholes in the streets

They just Don't care. You can see that from their fights on seat sharing. But they have NO PLANS for YOUR LIFE.

Think about this when You will vote these people. Vote for Development and Development and Good governance By Modi Government.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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