Friday, September 26, 2014

India Is Changing For Good!

Times have Changed. 
And so should our mindsets.

If political leaders do not understand this, they will soon become history in political space.

We all need to think of ourselves as Indians First.. We all first need to keep national interest all above and ACT, THINK, WORK accordingly in the supreme interests of out country.

We are facing serious problems today because of our own mindsets we are confined to, that dictates our thinking, that provokes our Actions, and that creates our regional aspirations.

We lost 68 long years with this mindset and even today we are making the same mistakes. Our only social, political, economical goals must be to build this nation to enviable success.

We must think of Development, Development and Development of our every state. Be it Maharashtra, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, or any state. It is ALL India. One country. Our strength is in making one India.

It has been a political ploy by our self serving, dishonest political class to divide India by states, cast, creed, religion, languages, cultures, customs and so on for their political benefits.

State divisions are created for the ease of governance and that is all. If we start thinking INDIA is one country and we are all Indians first, lot many of our problems will get solved.

Development Must be our ONLY political agenda and for Development, You need to have Good Governance, and for Good Governance, You need to have in place Corruption Free Administrations. Without all this, Development is not possible, progress is not possible and prosperity will remain only a dream.

Therefor, my appeal to our Younger generation is... get out of your old mindsets, don't get carried away by Secular, Communal, Gujarathi, Marathi, Bihari, Malayali, Bengali propaganda. It is only a self serving political propaganda. It limits your vision, it restricts your thinking.

When the world is going global, We as Indians also need to think nationally first and Globally like Japan, China.

We can have our political differences, our views can be different, but our goal must be one. In electoral democracy divergent views, opposite opinions is the beauty of healthy Democracy.

India First. ... MUST be our first priority

Like our respected thinker, Ex President ABJ Kalam once told the gathering of our politicians.....

" Do Not play politics which will hurt India, But play Social Politics with the competitive spirit to build this country .Let there be competition in social Development between states on...

who governs best,  who delivers best to their people on Development, and on human progress, who is making life happy of the last person in the social denominator ?

We can Move forward with this progressive mindset and build this nation. 

For the poor of this country rest is all crap. Seat sharing, who will become Chief Minister of the state should have limited importance in social life. In politics, first lesson to learn is... there are no permanent friends and permanent foes. As the situation changes, friends become foes and foes friends.

But politics of hate, of vendetta should not be practiced. It has no place in Democracy. It is not just the politicians who are working to build this country but every person from every corner of the country has a share in building this country. And they are in majority. So their share of contribution is the largest.

Politicians... Don't forget that.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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