Friday, September 26, 2014

US Court issues Summons to Mr Modi.

US Court issues Summons to Mr Modi
over 2002 Gujarat Riots before his arrival in US.

What an unfortunate News. The sadist, and politically motivated group, sponsored by few dishonest politicians from India, and in US are still desperately working to "Nail" Narendra Modi" on "2002 Gujarat Riots"

But People of India realized their game plan in time and voted him as their leader with overwhelming majority.

The Ex Chief Minister of Gujarat is cleared By the highest court of India after getting every bit of 2002 Gujarat riot related information by forming Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the Supreme Court supervision.

Some of the politically motivated groups in India and in USA refuse to honor the SC judgement. They are hell bent upon hanging Narendra Modi on 2002 Gujarat Riots?

This is an absolute creation of Congress sick mind set. People who were working for Congress during UPA Rule and specially the corrupt NGOs who claim to be working for Human Rights Violations, have been working on this mission to nail Mr Modi somehow and end his political career, so that they can run their shops to loot.

But what surprises most is...

These Human Rights Activists have never raise their voice against any other worst Riots during Congress Ruled states?  Why are they quiet on 1984 Sikh Riots? Does anyone remember who was the CM then in Delhi?

When these Congressmen are taking high moral ground about Human Right Violations, they deceitfully wish to change the focus of the people from 1984 Sikh Riots where Congressmen like Jagdish Tytlar, Sajankumar, were directly involved in the systematic,well planed, well orchestrated killings of innocent Sikh men and women. 

Who is fooling whom? Congressmen must be brought to book for human rights violations not just for 1984 Sikh Riots, and also for the Emergency Rule imposed in India by late Smt Indira Gandhi and her Congressmen, when Indian Democracy and constitution of India was dishonored, and fascist Rule prevailed just to enjoy powers by few Congressmen.

Was that not gross Human Rights violation ? Is anyone arrested and punished so far?  Whereas, Mr Modi has been grilled by CBI, SIT several times, many years and has faced all inquiery commissions. 

Why Congressmen should not be tried in the Human Rights courts like Nazi´s were tried and punished?

Why Congressmen involved in 1984 Sikh Riots are still not gone behind bars? 

If people want to know how Congressmen killed thousands of innocent Sikh men, women and children brutally and were directly responsible,

visit this link and you will know, how criminal minded Congress is.

Why Congress is Quiet on 1984 Riots ? .

This article gives an account of how the massacre was well planned by select few Congressmen and how all those Congressmen after 30 years are roaming freely with Rahul and Sonia Gandhi with their blessings?

The criminals are Congressmen. The rioters are Congressmen and the countrymen are being fooled by Congress.

Congress and its allied partners like NCP, JDU, SP, BSP can go to any length to prove how communal is BJP, how fascist is Narendra Modi. But people of India are no fools. in 2014 elections, people did not give Congress enough numbers to become opposition party in the Parliament.

The message was clear to all : Stop fooling citizens of India.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher