Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mentally Sick Congress!

Has Congress become Mentally Sick ?

I was outraged by Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha when he showed utter arrogance towards Prime Minister Mr Modi in a Debate on Times Now.

These Congressmen, JDU, RJD and SP politicians talk in the debates as if they have made their own states like UK or USA. They are in a paralytic state still after their humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha Elections.

Sanjay Jha arrogantly tells BJP panelist in a Debate, You go and Tell Your Prime Minister Modi ??? Not even he has a decency to address PM as Mr Modi ?

And what is Congress agitated about?

Successful Mangalyan reaching Mars, due credit is not given to Dr Manmohan Singh by Mr Modi in his speech to ISRO Scientists ?

In the first place, Mr Modi is not a Prime Minister of BJP. He is a Prime Minister of India. Secondly, he never took credit for himself or BJP in his speech but lauded efforts of our scientists and admired their skills, intelligence and scientific knowledge. He reached ISRO to personally be with the scientists to watch the biggest historical moment that was going to make a history in the space technology in the world.

That was a proud moment for all Indians and India as a country. What is this mental sickness of Congress to target Mr Modi, the PM of India so cheaply?

Even Dr Manmohan Singh like 86 year old man, who was a Prime Minister before, does not have a maturity to tell his Congressmen like Digvijay Singh to admire this historical achievement by our scientists gracefully, he too does not have political maturity ?

Yes, we have seen him working with these Gandhi loyalists like sycophants, is he too one like them, self serving, self centered Congressman who can only work like a puppet and does not have his own sense of perspective?

We have heard him accusing Mr Modi for the killings of innocent Muslims on the streets of Ahmadabad, and we have also heard him saying... Rahul is now ready to take PM position and I would not mind working under him?

So we can easily understand the sick mindset of Dr Manmohan Singh and that of his political party which is led by equally sick minded leaders like Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

The only question that we need to answer is... how did these sick minded, sycophants, hollow, dishonest  corrupt, characters got into power and ruled this country for so long?

The answer is.... it is some among us who thought, these dishonest, sick minded political class can do good for the country. and voted them in power without realizing, these corrupt and sick people can do more harm than good to this country. 

I only hope... they have changed their position now about Congress, AAP, RJD, BSP and SP who can only play their communal politics with their self serving political goals to loot and loot.

We the citizens must be alert in choosing our leader, government and must not get fooled.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher