Wednesday, September 24, 2014

India is witnessing small Kingdoms working for themselves

 Akhilesh Government in UP State 
is one example of ineffective, corrupt governance
Which has failed to deliver

PM Modi's Varanasi hit by massive power cuts, BJP alleges foul play

These governments who can not provide basic needs to their state population like power, water, they have no business to stay in power. Their dirty communal vote bank politics which have ruined states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, because of corrupt governance must be thrown out now.

Yes, they are elected by the people But... Not for the People clearly.

These corrupt dynasties must be removed who only work in their own family interests and not for the people of their state.

What moral right these elected representatives have to stay in power if they don't have solutions to solve the problems faced by people who elect them to govern?

Water, Power, Security, Safety, Roads, Schools, Health facilities, if the state government can not  provide, why should they be in power? What really is the objective of their staying in power? Only to enjoy the powers?

Why the ordinary people should suffer and these politicians, their families,and  friends should enjoy all the comforts of life? At whose cost are they enjoying these powers and comforts?

Freebies like Laptops and cycles are nothing but bribes given to people by such corrupt politicians like Akhilesh Yadav. Their entire police force can swing into action if their minister´s Buffaloes`are stolen? 

This is not called Good Governance but Corrupt Governance.

And that only means, the entire government machinery works for these ministers personal needs, their families and friends  but not for the people who voted them in power?  Whose money is it anyway? Are these the kingdoms ?

Yes, many of them are working on the same lines. Like Kingdoms where you see kings, queens, prince and princes. And at the end are their servants..

But India is no more an Empire with Kingdoms ruling anymore. All are elected governments and By the People, For the People.
If they have any shame about their own failures... They should step down and not pass the buck to others.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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