Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mr Modi´s political rivals are feeling politically insecured

Mr Narendra Modi extended his hand 
for peace, friendship and inclusive progress 
For all citizens of the world.

If some fail to see his vision and mission 
it is their problem

News in the media: 
Xi Jinping asks Chinese Army to be ready for a regional war

If President of China decides to disrespect hand extended for warm friendship by Indian Prime Minister,  If Prime Minister of Pakistan and his rogues from ISI, LeT decide to choose to bleed India when Modi in good faith invited Pak PM as a next door big brother....

Why Narendra Modi should becomes the target of opposition criticism ?

The opponents of Modi are so immature and politically motivated that, even any good move, any good gesture on the part of India to normalize relations between known foes is used as political material to prove... how Modi government´s  foreign policy is wrong?

Ohk... when it was the turn to show the right policy, what did UPA do while in power for 10 long years? 

Was there at all any foreign policy followed to get desirable results? The political opportunists like Congress, JDU, RJD, have collectively made a mess in the country in every area from the economy to national security to foreign policy while dealing with China and Pakistan, now what are they jumping about ?

Saying... about Pak and China´s betrayals? We know both these neighbors well and we have had several encounters too with them.

These both the neighbors of India are known for their nasty politics and the world is watching them. India is the biggest Democracy in the world and after its independence, Indian Democracy has established its roots firmly, deeply and Indian constitution has protects every human right, personal liberty, freedom of expression and speech which Pakistan and China do not give to their own people ?
 Both the countries have Army Rulers enjoying powers.

Why talk of these two countries who are always on the path of war, conflicts and frictions to not really intimidate India but fool their own people.

Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister of India has taken a friendly position towards all friends and foes for the world in 21st century wants peace and development and not wars.

If at all we have to fight... our fight must be against poverty, Our fight must be for empowering common people. Against corrupt governments who are looting tax payers money. The fight must be to improve standard of living for common people in developing world.

The focus of third world must be on Development, Development and Development.  If Narendra Modi honestly is trying to work on these larger goals in the interest of humanity, world community,,peace and prosperity---

Is that his crime? Is he to be blamed, if President of China and Prime Minister of Pakistan are given warm welcome,... is it his crime?

Those who are trying to prove it through media debates are playing dirty politics with Indians and rest of the world.  Their political interests are to see Mr Modi fails in his mission. But it will remain their wishful thinking only.

Because... the world by now has seen Modi´s vision, passion and political honesty to make this world a better place to live.

Ajay Angre
Author. Writer, Publisher