Thursday, November 14, 2013

CM Sheela Dixit and her pack of lies!

Delhi Congress CM Sheela Dixit and 
her cheap campaign strategy exposes her own self.

CM Sheela Dixit surely needs to keep a sense of balance in her election campaign. 

In fact, it can be said about all Congress members. They all seem to lose sense of balance and indulging in cheap publicity campaigning. The latest today I heard was a shocker... Sheela dixit made a wild allegation against BJP´s Delhi CM candidate Dr Harshvardhan and it is a height of wickedness.

If India has this low caliber politicians, who can stoop so low, we need to look at our political class very seriously for the sake of India`s future.

First She made comments about Aam Aadmi Party on money from overseas Indians their party is receiving. And our Home Minister, who does not take terror threats seriously, who is very Loyal Congressman, immediately got into action and ordered a probe against Aam Admi Party. Who is giving you money? 

Sheela Dixit now has gone far off the decency and civilized code of conduct.

She accused BJP Chief Ministerial candidat Dr Harshwardhan of raping a 17 year old girl, a maid in his house some 17 years ago?
It is a serious allegation against anyone and in this case, it happens to be the BJP candidate, projected CM of Delhi. A responsible person like CM of Delhi making such wild allegations must prove with documentation. 
She did not in her press conference. So is it all politically motivated for character assassination? Then it is serious and outrageous.
Today RAPE is a serious and a very sensitive issue in our country where in her own state hundreds of rape cases are reported. How can she use this word politically and loosely in a casual manner ? Why didnt she and her Congress party lodeged an FIR with the evidence they have to prove their claim?   
17 years back this case against Dr Harshvardhan was brought out and clearly exposed by Dr Harshvardhan himself. It politically motivated then and it is politically motivated now. 
Then it was proved totally false and importantly, Dr Harshwardhan`s name had never appeared in the FIR. Still to remove the doubts once for all, he offered himself for the for all the test and subjected himself  and his entire family to the humiliation in the social life. But imagine a senior Congress woman and a Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheela Dixit is bring it up again in the media light only for his character and political assassination. 
Her political arsenal and that of Congress, seems to have exhausted and the challenge by BJP looks frightening Congress campaign managers look like.    
The accusations are very serious and a person of Chief Minister level, a woman herself,  making  such baseless allegations today without any documentary evidence is proving Congress and its alliance partners want to take Indian politics to 
gutter level ?
Can dirty minds of Congress be any more dirtier? 
This nation would like to know from Rahul Gandhi who keeps taking high moral grounds all the time to show the world how principled he and his family  and his Congress party is, will ask Sheela Dixit prove it or step down? 
Let the nation see, how much morally high characters of Congress leaders are? Or are they fake claims to fool people.
This exposes Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party that indulges in lies and fake prapoganda.
This is the last thing India needs today, the fake politicians who have taken this country down the drain with their dishonesty and self serving politics.
2014... watch out citizens. You need to seriously decide what you want for the good of India.
Ajay Angre
Authoer, Writer, Publisher