Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Only Aam Admi Party singled out and targeted ?

Congress is unfairly targeting Aam Admi Party.

In this election times, may be after many decades, one thing that is emerging clearly is, politics of convenience.We can see degeneration of values, principles, ideologies and like most seasoned politicians say, there are no friends and no enemies in politics. Recent classic example is of Nitish Kumar and his JDU. 17 years he enjoyed power together, all along accused Congress of opportunist, communal and autocratic? And now Congress has become secular, BJP communal, fascist?

Those seen fighting tooth and nail against each other on political platforms are also seen coming together on common interest issues. On the criminals in Assemblies and parliament house, all political parties come together to protect their criminal MPs and MLAs? 

On bringing under RTI rule, to declare election funding sources, by political parties, all came together and rejected the move. They all don't want to get exposed on the huge funds they get from their patrons. Whether it comes in white or Black, there must not be any track records. 

On electoral reforms... all political parties never took initiative in the last 50-60 years? 

Electoral reforms should have got top priority to weed out corrupt, criminals from the process, but all political parties do not consider electoral reforms all that important. 

This ought to be the first concern of the Home Minister to keep criminals out, but we have never seen Home Minister concerned about this serious issue ever?  That shows how even the Home Ministry is fine working with criminals in politics?

The Home Minister has got into Super Fast Action against Aam Admi party to find out their source of funds? 

All major political parties like Congress, NCP, BJP BSP, SP have ganged -up against Aam Admi Party. The party funding issue, that has come up against Aam Admi Party is purely politically motivated by Congress. and other parties have joined Congress.

But No body is saying ... investigate Accounts of all political parties? 

What moral right these parties have to question Aam Admi party source of receiving funds? 
Though their party has shown on their website every penny they receive and its source. 

Have other parties done it?  No one. Not Congress, not BJP, BSP, SP or JDU; RJD

The Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde should explain, why is he not so prompt in his actions when his own Congress, his alliance partner NCP, BJP, SP, BSP who all have got crores and croers unaccounted money as in the party accounts ? Why not investigate them too? Or It doesn't suit them? Or their loot is legitimate ? Or they have got license to loot this country? 

Why Home Minister is NOT so quick in investigating Black money in Swiss Bank ? 

The list of Swiss Bank account holders is with Congress government, why is it not investigated? Is it because the loot by Congressmen is parked in the Swiss Banks? Is it because, the list has names which can expose some top politicians ? 

Home Minister is seen super fast in ordering investigation against Aam aadmi Party ? And to make it look serious, he claimed in the press conference,, because I received few complaints, I have decided to inquire into the allegations ? These complaints can be mischievous and fabricated too? Can be politically motivated too? 

The Finance Minister Chidamabaram, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, who are economists, should they not be more concerned with the Indian money parked outside in Swiss Banks in  billions of Dollars ? Especially when Indian economy is bad shape? Rupee is falling in its value in the market? 

Why this Cherry Picking? Why Aam Admi Party only? 

Why not Congress, NCP, BJP BSP, SP, RJD, and all big political parties who spend money lavishly on buying votes? 

Or is this government looking for soft targets? Like Anna Hazare? Arvind Kejriwal? Baba Ramdev? Kiran Bedi? Manish Sisodia? Who are easy targets? 

Are we still living in the Mughal Empire? Or its a Banana Republic? This is nothing less than a Gang Rape on Aam Admi Party.. 

The people of India are fade up with this arrogance and feudalistic mindset. We don't want to see Kingdoms nor slavery on this land again. 

India is a Democracy and its constitution gives freedom and equality to all... TO ALL
In this case, this is a gross injustice done to one political party. 

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher