Thursday, November 14, 2013

Naresh Agarwal of SP has a problem with Tea Seller

How disgusting to say...
A Tea Seller can not be PM of India?  
Says Naresh Agarwal of Samajwadi Party.

Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal passed a sarcastic remark
at Narendra Modi.

A Tea seller Narendra Modi can't become PM of India ..???
But  forgot... the Same BOY who was selling Tea at railway station is already a chief Minister of Gujarat ? Not once, but thrice, same tea seller is made the leader of Gujarat. 
Three times people of Gujarat have voted a Tea Seller in power. Naresh Agrwal, by making such a discriminatory comment in public not only has insulted Tea sellers of India but the constitution of India which gives right to equality to all Indians who can aspire to become anyone, he has shown utter disrespect to our constitution. 
Imagine, the lawmaker doesn't know how to respect our constitution?
What a disgusting and discriminating  remark. Only a sick mind can  think like that and a frustrated politician.  In UP only the people from criminal backgrounds can enter politics on the strength of their money power and muscle power and become ministers. Naresh Agarwal needs to reveal his own background that he boasts so arrogantly in public.
What a shameful arrogant comment is that? 
The poor who earns his livelihood very proudly by selling "Chai" at every corner in India also enjoys the same rights constitution has given to  Naresh Agarwal. 
The one who is selling Tea that every Indian loves to sip in trains, at stations, at bus stops, at road side dhabaas may be very poor, but an entrepreneur at heart like Narendra Modi, who also becomes Chief Minister of a state. 
That is how Indian Democracy works and makes a son of a very poor father, a boatman,  President of India, .ABJ Kalam. Another son of a farmer... Prime Minister, Morarji Desai. A son of a very poor farmer who use to walk 10 kms to go to school  became one of the most loved, admired Prime Minister.. Lal Bahadur Shastri. And every Indian takes pride in every one of them. 
None of them were born with a silver spoon in the mounth Naresh Agrawal. 
Today my head hangs in shame to see a politician passing such disgusting comment about a Tea seller, about a poor class. Such politicians with arrogance and feudal mentality must not find place in public life. SP Supremo should kick this serial offender immediately.
If a boy coming from a poor family, from backward class, aspiring to become Prime Minister of India, Is it a crime? 
Or the politicians who have made politics their family business, who are rich,  who loot this country, and keep their black money in Swiss Banks,  only have the right to become Prime Minister ? And Not the Tea vendor? And not farmer? Not man on the street? Do one need to be born in dynasty?
Naresh Agarwal must be kicked out for his abusive language against the poor whose party keeps talking of socialist ideals and philosophy. Welfare of poor and backwards. The shows the corrupt mindset and such a mindset should not have place in public life.
Naresh Agarwal and his Samajwadi party has got exposed on their fake political ideology which in reality is against poor class. It got  revealed today. According to him, aTea seller cant become PM in this country?  Will Naresh Agarwal decide that? What is his background that he boasts so arrogantly? He himself is not even a Chief Minister of his own state? And what is he insulting Head of the state?
Gulamnabi Azad, the Union Minister of India said... He ( Modi) is a Gangu Teli?  
Why he said that? Because Mr Modi belongs to backward Teli cast. And then he sarcastically says..." Kaha Rajaa Bhoj aur Kaha Gangu Teli? 
He compares Mr Modi with his high command, Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi. This was the castiest discriminatory remark ever made insulting one cast. Congress does not feel ashamed of that? Dr Manmohan Singh does not think anything wrong in that? I think all of these politicians are fake people without characters of any civilized acceptance and entered into politics not on merits but family ties. With this mindset they can not take India too far and  they are exposing themselves with their loose talk everyday
Congress and some paid media keeps blaming Modi for using unparliamentary language? But who started calling Mr Modi by names like Maut ka Saudagar? Bhasmasoor? Hitler? Killer? Murderer? Frog? Khoonee? Now Congress and its alliance partners are getting the taste of their own medicine, isn't it? Now they think it is not civilized language?
Congress started this war of abuse. Congress set the rules of the game. Now Congress can not cry foul. Play by your own rules. 
We need to decide... Do we need this caliber of people in power to lead India which is in mess today because of such shallow thinking. Or we throw them out and find the right leadership to lead this country. Choice is yours. 
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher