Tuesday, November 12, 2013

J&K is not part of India, says Yasin Malik, the separatist leader.

Yasin Malik openly states on the national broadcast...
Jamu-Kashmir is not part of Indian territory

It was shocking to hear yesterday on one of the debates on Times Now when Yasin Malik who calls himself a separatist Leader of J&K, stays in Indian part of Kashmir, not in POK , holds Indian passport, and claims, He does not consider Jammu-Kashmir a part of India?

The whole of Kashmir, J&K and POK is one Kashmir and belongs to Kashmiris

He is the same person who calls himself Indian, who crosses border, goes to Pakistan and  shares public dais shamelessly with Hafeez Saeed who masterminded 26/11 and killed 167 innocent people. 

And this spineless Congress government led by Dr Manmohan Singh at the center does not think there is anything wrong?

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's adviser Sartaj Aziz  met leaders of various Kashmiri separatist groups of Hurriyat Conference which was seen by the Government as "extremely unfortunate" misuse of a multilateral forum for partisan ends. Aziz, who arrived for a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Asia and Europe, met the separatist groups separately at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. Besides holding talks with the moderate faction led by Mirwaiz Umer Farooq,

Aziz also had meetings with JKLF Chief Yaseen Malik and hardline Hurriyat Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Dukhtaran-e-Millat founder Aasiya Andrabi.

Is this Congress government so cowered that they have no guts to deal with these separatists leaders who are allowed to hold meetings with Nawaz Sharif's adviser Sartaj Aziz ? In Delhi? On Indian soil? 

Yasin Malik who openly says on the national TV that Jammu-Kashmir is not a part of Indian territory and is disputed region, and Congress government takes a position of a mute spectator? Or it is scared to take on the separatists? Or someone from the government is part of separatists? What are the compulsions not to act against separatists who openly threaten to separate Kashmir from India? Vote Bank politics?

He also says J&K and  POK both are disputed and do not belong to India?  The very fact that he crosses over to Pakistan and meets terrorist groups in Pakistan, their long term goal is to separate  J&K from India and till then, let ISI trained terrorists keep terrorizing and killing local population in J&K and kill Indian forces at the borders.

The Congress government has failed to deal with these separatists...

or rather terrorists elements in Kashmir and the J&K government led by Omar Abdullah is part of the larger conspiracy in this game. 

This is happening because of Congress policy of appeasement on communal lines and National interest is sacrificed at all levels by Congress. Congress is playing communal politics and claiming to be secular to secure minority vote banks. For Power hungry Congress National security, national interest are last priorities. And that is why, this Congress approach to serious issue like Kashmir, ISI trained Terrorists, lack of security concerns, allowing IM to freely operate from  Indian soil, raises a very serious question.. Are some elements from ISI working within this government? In our  Intelligence agencies? In our Police? And in political class?

The News in TOI today says... Home Minister Shinde will probe claims of  a "Mole" In indian Establishment that provided support in 26/11 strike to ISI and Hafeez Saeed, as the authors of the  Book The Siege  claims.

These are foreign authors who have written this book after their involved research on 26/11 and it is in Black and white. The book is published and makes such a bold statement in print calls for a serious investigation by our intelligence. It is a shame that the Home Minister is casually saying, it is not to his knowledge but he has heard ? And so he will investigate?

Can a Home Minister of a country of our size which is attacked by terrorists several times, killed thousand innocents, which is in war with terror day and night, make such casual statements?

Look at the 26/11 Terror attack, it was an attack on India and what followed for 72 hours was a real war like situation  in Mumbai. 167 people got killed and Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister talks so  casually about it ? 

Do we have incompetent government at the center or do we have government which has sold their conscience?  

The question is not what the book says, but why our own intelligence failed? 

This Book also claims that 26 Alerts were sent by US intelligence to Indian Government before 26/11 happened ?  And in spite of  26 alerts, the Indian government and Home Ministry was sleeping ? Or was someone from the establishment deliberately concealing the intelligence reports ? So that the terror attack can be successfully executed?

The Bigger question and a serious one is... after the published information in the book "The Siege" Are there ISI agents working within the Indian establishments?

When innocent people are getting killed in Terror attacks, people like Yasin Malik who are friendly with Hafeez Said and other most wanted terrorists.. how do we explain all these unanswered issues?  Does the Prime Minister, Home Minister, understand the seriousness of national security ? Or for Congress, terror attacks are part of their communal politics ? Like the way Patna serial blasts is being politicized ? Against BJP and Mr Modi?  

This government led by Dr Manmohan Singh is so shameless that even the separatists, terrorists, IM operatives have become part of their political propaganda ? That a terror killing Indians is less important then the political agenda?

If anyone holding responsible positions from the establishment are playing with 1.2 billion lives of people, playing with the national security and the national interest, the criminals and traitors must be identified on war foot basis and tried in the fast track courts and hanged for being  traitors, working for the enemies of this country..

That is this governments responsibility in power. Not the responsibility of the opposition. If this government fails to take appropriate action...the intentions of this Congress government will be under suspicion.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher.