Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Corruption by Politicians and Builders

 Corruption And Aam Admi
Campa Cola Is a Classic example of deep rooted corruption in our country practiced  shamelessly by Politicians, Builders, Administrations and bureaucracy

It is a creation of political class for which Aam Admi is punished today and expected to pay  the price. I am not talking about  Campa Cola case here, but the larger issue of  corruption that has surfaced because of Campa cola unauthorized construction  in India and the corrupt political class that is minting money in partnerships with bulders and Municipal authorities who give sanctions on various construction related issues.
Right from local Corporators, MLAs, MPs, Corporation ward officers, authorities sanctioning plans, FSI, and giving permissions are involved in the corrupt practices for decades.  Forests everywhere are cut and builders are constructing huge properties in the Forest zones?
The result is... CAMPA COLA, and ADARSHA. Symbol of corrupt system.
Recent Uttarakhand tragedy that the country witnessed when thousands of human lives were lost was because of the same corrupt practices adopted by politicians and political parties. On the bank of the river, encroaching on the river bed, clusters of unauthorized hotels were constructed. Politicians and the government by allowing unauthorized construction, destroyed the nature and the natural habitat. Politicians with the business houses, builders must have made huge money from the illegal activities but innocent people lost their lives. 

In Thane in Yeoor forest, in the close vicinity of National park in the mountain range, construction activity is seen in  full swing. These are  protected  forest areas  all around Ghodbunder road. But you can see many construction sites with skyscrapers on the forest land ? It is only because of BMC, TMC, local corporators, MLAs, MPs are working in partnerships with builders and Municipal officials. Everyone is involved not in the carity work but to make money. And no government of Municipal establishments are catching the criminals. That is because all are working together in this loot and black money is in circulation.
In this corrupt system,  laws are flouted without any concerns for environment. One can see huge constructions coming up on the forest land. Imagine, thick natural green covers are destroyed and buildings constructed? When the lawmakers start looting, country needs to take a serious view or as it looks, land mafia, builders and politicians are running this country like Private Limited Company owned by few influentials in power.
This is only possible if politicians, builders come together and use, misuse and abuse administrative powers. 
Who suffers ultimately in corrupt system created by the politicians?
The common man who pays his taxes regularly and timely.
It is argued that Campa Cola residents were fully aware of its illegality from day one. But the other side of the story is... why the Municipal authorities collected all taxes, stamp duties, provided water and electrical connections to such illegal apartments from day one? Why the builder and promoters were not served notices 30 years back for illegal construction?
In the first place  government authorities should not have allowed occupancy in the flats. The legal notices should have been served and pasted on the doors of each flat. 
This modus operandi only proves...every authority involved in giving sanctions till the last Occupation Certificate did not take any legal action against the promoters and in the bargain all made money on the side. This is a story of 50% or more constructions in Mumbai and in the Mumbai suburbs. And the same is the story in Delhi, Calcutta, Bangloor in major metropolis.
This also raises another serious point...How is it that the Banks advanced loans to the flat owners which are unauthorized?
From where did the banks get all the documents to sanction loans? The corrupt practices were followed by Bankers too while sanctioning loans. So in other words... Builder made profits, Bankers made profits, Politicians, municipal authorities, from ward engineers, officers from top to bottom made money from the project. Officially Municipal authority got full taxes on land, property, water, electricity for 25-30 years. And all these payments have gone from buyer`s pocket and finally real culprits are spared and buyer is thrown out ? Who is going to punish the real culprits? All the main conspirators are let off?
In Mumbai, report says, over 50% constructions are unauthorized?
And when the justice is delivered, who gets punished? The ordinary citizen who has only one dream in life to make a HOME SWEET HOME. The builder, Architects, Municipal authorities who all are involved in underhand dealings to give and get sanctions at various stages of construction, are not nabbed by law who actually have cheated buyers and made money?
There ought to be a law to protect full interest of the home buyer. And a strictest laws against the corrupt. The punishment must be rigorous, harsh and lifetime.  

Look at the domino effect of the huge huge corruption between Political class, Builders and Bureaucracy. And who is punished? The buyer? Do the government and political class for this rampant corruption take any responsibility? Will the law punish the main culprits who perpetrated the crime first as a prima fecie evidence shows?
And this is a case with most of the societies.and land deals all over India. 

This is a very strong nexus between politicians, business houses, and bureaucracy. Be it builders or any industry. By corrupt means, promoters of the property get land sanctions, building plan sanctions, FSi sanctions, and later the plans are changed. Occupation certificates invariably are not issued in time because some work is unfinished. And the worst is, conveyance is not transferred to society for years and years, so that builder still has the claim on the property.

This is a Cheating case of consumers where there are number of government authorities, along with politicians are involved. And therefore, it is a well organized crime against common people who often get caught in this corrupt system.
The people of India MUST raise their voice on Corruption. Throw the corrupt politicians and choose a leader who is non corrupt and knows well how to deal with corruption.
It is the people who must make that choice. Not the corrupt politicians.
Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher