Friday, November 15, 2013

Congress Crying Foul Now.

How funny?
When Congress gets taste of its own medicine
it tastes bitter for Congress.

Who started this game? Who set the rules in the first place?
Why cry foul now?

This is the reason why the wise, experienced and matured people advise to think hundred times before you say something.  

When all Congress senior Ministers keep hitting below the belt with their comments at Narendra Modi and his Gujarat, 24 X 7,  it sounds all civilized and cultured?  

Congress after 10 years of their rule in the center does not have anything positive to tell the people of this country why they should vote for Congress ?  Except making Modi their target all the time? Running him down constantly with personal attacks?

Why is Congress crying foul? Was it not started by Congress?

Their main target set for the election campaign was Mr Modi and Congress publicity managers keep picking on every word he says, holds press meets immediately to counter.  And not just counter in a balanced ways but all in the bad taste.

Why is Congress thinking now, this is not civilized ? 

If Mr Modi talk about Sonia Gandhi`s ill health, what is wrong?  He is not being personal.

She is a President of Congress and she happens to be also mother of Rahul Gandhi who keeps attacking Narendra Modi in her official role to prove, how monster Modi is?  How Modi`s claims of development in Gujarat are all false and all his statistics are manipulated? Modi is  responding to Vice President and President of Congress who are running this government, enjoying the powers without any accountability and making all decisions for this country.

Why should Congress take Mr Modi`s remarks  personally? It is official attack by Congress President and Vice President and it is official response from BJP and Modi.

He has every right to criticize their policies, their communal politics, their vote bank politics, their appeasement policy, their failures in economic policies, their failures in national security, their failures in keeping check on terror attacks, their failure in foreign policies. Congress can not think after assuming and enjoying official powers by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi the roles are  without responsibility, and accountability ? 

The reality is, they are in politics, their government is in power and  answerable for every mess-up. You can not keep the cake and have it too?

Is it not a fact that  in their official capacity while  addressing election rallies, they are attacking Narendra Modi on his Gujarat performance and development model ? Though Gujarat electorate voted him in power through ballot, with their clear mandate, third time?

Congress cadre, senior ministers, and Prime minister, do not believe in electoral democracy in this country and do not respect people`s mandate. Do they believe in Democracy? Or does Congress believe in one family rule?  

When it comes to 2002 riots, they don't believe in our judiciary ? They don't believe in Supreme court monitored SIT findings? They become prosecutors, witnesses and judges too. And ready to hang Mr Modi in fast track court? 

When it comes to their Human Rights  violation records of 1984 Sikh riots and 1975 Emergency Rule, they think no one should talk about their own violation of human rights?  

It is history they say? History? Who is punished for which Congressmen were responsible? Is anyone punished? Sent to jail?  Then why is 2002 riots not history? Why for the last 10 years Mr Modi is systematically targeted when he personally was not responsible for the riots and Congressmen were for 1984 riots? ?  killing of Mahatma Gandhi is not history? Why is it used against BJP, MOdi  in election speeches? That history suits them? Because then only they can paint Mr Modi communal.

Even today, the news says, Sajankumar one of the alleged criminals in 1984 riots who was directly involved in the human genocide that killed many thousand innocent men, women and children, is very much influential politician in Congress family and has manged to get election ticket for his son?  The news is out in the media.
Can Congress explain this to people of India and to Sikh community?

We have seen in the TV news bites, another alleged accuse of 1984 riots, Jagdish Tytler, participating in Congress core group meetings ?  So these alleged criminals are still in Congress core group and enjoying positions of power?
How does Congress explains this?

These people are close to Gandhi family but their actual place is in the jail. The heinous crimes they have committed are confirmed by CBI  in their investigations of 1984 riots. CBI has named many more who were actively involved in planing and committing the brutal crimes in Delhi  riots when innocent Sikh men , women and children were brutally killed?

What is NHRC done for so many years ?    

National Human Rights Commission is quiet about 1984 riots and 1975 Emergency rule? Were Congress not involved in Human Rights violations of third degree? Why congress does not want to talk of justice for citizens in these two cases?

All of them are still with Congress, enjoying powers and not in the jail or hanged.

Let us talk of the recent example. Congress in their recent election campaign, made a false claim in their campaign that RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi. When it is completely false.

Congress is spreading total lies for the last 50-60 years to paint RSS communal, killer of Mahatma Gandhi. Now with the same brush Congress is painting Narendra Modi communal, divisive, and fascist. Total lies.

If congress is spreading these false unfounded lies against BJP and Mr Modi, why Congress expects bouquet of flowers in return ?

They are getting the taste of their own medicine now. So it is hurting.       

Who called Mr modi "Gangu Teli? - Congress Union Minister Gulamnabi Azad. 

Did Congress pulled him up for making such a castiest remark against a community Mr Modi belongs to? Did Congress President, vice President condemned it? 

When congress Gen Secretary who is closely working with Rahul Gandhi makes serious allegations such as...RSS is Terrorists organization without any evidence? Did Congress condemed it? Did Prime minister take any action on his remarks? When Digvijay Singh says, he , Modi is FEKU, is it a civilized language specially against an elected Chief Minister of a state and a Prime Ministerial candidate?

Has Congress seniors like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan Singh openly condemed him for using such a language?  Which is his regular practice. Hit and Run.

When Union Minister Salman Khurshid calls Modi Bhasmasoor, Frog, was he reprimanded by seniors? Never.

Modi is very casually called Hitler by many Congressmen, a fascist, Killer, Murderer, but  we have never heard ever Congress senior cader condemend the language used against Mr Modi? It is clear, this is a language Congress wants to use and abuse.

We have never seen Dr Manmohan Singh with his position and seniority ever called his senior Ministers and expressed his displeasure over abusive language used for Mr Modi? 

That means, Dr Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi all are ok with that uncivilized language when used by their own Congress Ministers in public. They do not see anything wrong  in that. Why then when opposition reacts and Mr Modi replies them in his speeches, they feel agitated? Who started this trend? 
It is Congress and its alliance partners. Why cry now when it hurts?

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher