Sunday, November 10, 2013

Salman Khurshid lacks even common sense.

Slaman Khurshid talks nonsense 
just to score a political brownie point. 

A senior Congress Minister who holds Foreign Affairs portfolio does not even have a proper sense of perspective and a common sense.  

Just to provoke public sentiments number of Congress senior ministers including Rahul Gandhi, their leader, and Prime Minister in waiting are trying to whip-up public sentiments with an aim to win their confidence or divide this country on communal lines.  Honestly, all of them are making provocative comments in the media to counter Narendra Modi.

Surprisingly, non of these Congress politicians have expressed their concerns  over Patna serial blasts,  not even shown concerns for the threat to Mr Modi`s life. 

Wisdom and political maturity demands terror strike like Patna targeting Modi`s life must not and should not be mixed with politics. But unfortunately, from Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar to every one from Congress  have tried to politicize the terror attack and the deaths of innocent people to their political advantage.

It is surprising that none of them have questioned why there were serious security lapses which almost killed Narendra Modi along with senior BJP cadre. 

It is all surprising that they are soft with IM, Hafeez Saeed, or ISI who are targeting India, Indians and now Narendra Modi ? Is it because Congress, JDU, SP think Narendra Modi is their common enemy because he is the enemy of Pakistan ISI or Hafeez Saeed too ?

The Union Minister in-charge of foreign affairs says in the media that... 

BJP and Narendra Modi should have cancelled Patna rally. The very fact that BJP did not cancel Patna rally in spite of serial blasts before the rally, shows they are irresponsible and want to play communal politics so that there are riots and minority is scared and forced to leave this country? Salman Khurshid says.

If Salman Khurshid was honest enough, politically matured enough, he would have spoken to intelligence agencies to find out the truth. But because no Congressman is honest in this NEW Congress I,(Indira) Congress R (Rahul) and congress S.(Sonia),  expecting any honesty from Congress is asking too much.

But to put facts in proper perspective about Patna serial Blasts, let me give here serious observations by a Security Analyst. who observed the chain of events from ground zero. 

He says and I quote.. "It is no exaggeration to say that the rally was conducted in presence and acute awareness of live bombs. The leaders on the dais had commanding view of the ground and were conscious of the enormity of the situation.

Not one of them (BJP leadership) betrayed any sign of worry or panic. On the contrary each one of them deliberately underplayed the blasts to the public as mere cracker explosions by over enthusiastic supporters. As Modi arrived at the airport he was apprised of the situation and was advised to cancel his speech. He exercised great wisdom and courage in persisting with the schedule.

However, Had he baulked and not addressed the rally, stampede or communal riots was certain. He was sagacious enough to escape completely any mention of blasts." (Unquote).

But the political reality is different. Congress sees political opportunity.

Congress has designed a propaganda based on communal and secular agenda to instill the fear in Muslims that if you vote for BJP, and if Modi becomes the Prime Minister, you will be thrown out of this country.

All congressmen including Dr Manmohan Singh who we consider honest toes the same line of his party. Their goal is to instill hatred, fear, insecurity, threat to life in the minds of Muslims and claim Congress only can save the Muslims  from these communal forces.  So vote for Congress and let Congress come to power.

Unfortunately, our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is more honest and loyal to his Congress party and high command than to his own country. He therefore fails to be true to his conscience every time he has to take the side of the truth. 

First he keeps silent. When the opposition and media makes noise, He bluffs, he misrepresents the facts, he speaks half truth and then plays communal, self serving politics in his own interest and in the interest of his party. In short, he prefers to lie to cover his skin by distorting facts to convince people of India by saying,  it is only an opposition propaganda against me and my government. Believe me not a word is true what they say?

But the honest Prime Minister should know well ... the untold truth

And that is...Patna serial bomb blasts was not BJP or Modi propaganda, Beheading of our soldiers was not BJP or Modi propaganda. Pakistan crossing LOC every day and killing our soldiers was not BJP or Modi propaganda. China grabbing our huge land from Indian territory  is not BJP propaganda. Huge scams exposed by the active media was not BJP propaganda. Onions selling for Rs 100 a kg, tomatoes for 80 Rs kg, Sugar 50 Rs kg, vegetables for 65/70 Rs kg, Milk for 65 Rs liter, Eggs 60 Rs Doz , was not BJP propaganda.

Congress government receiving 26 alerts on 26/11 Mumbai siege by terrorists was not BJP propaganda. Rupee value falling all time low, investors losing confidence in this government was not BJP and Modi propaganda. These are all Congress failures of last decade.

The Book Authored by Shri M.R. Venkatesh, titled  Dr Manmohan Singh and " A Decade of Decay" throws light on last decade of mismanagement and misgovernance by UPA2.
The two guest speakers  S. Gurumurthy, the eminent Chartered Accountant and Kanchan Gupta, Editorial Director NiTi Digital, spoke at this Book release, the non political entities who explained it well, why it can be best described as A Decade of the Decay..

Why is Congress trying to pass the buck to BJP and Narendra Modi?
Ten year Rule of UPA is rightly raising many questions pointing at governance, policies, corruption, intelligence failures, and Congress arrogance. People simply want answers. Why Congress has failed on all these fronts? And why allowing extremists from within and across the borders to target Indian interests?

These serious questions need answers and can not be dodged by repeatedly questioning Modi and BJP about 2002. 

Supreme Court is monitoring 2002 Gujarat cases. If Congress has faith in our judiciary, wait till the verdict is delivered. But congress wants to be prosecutors, witness and judge too when it comes to Gujarat. But you talk of 1975 Emergency Rule and excesses committed during emergency like fascist rule, 1984 Sikh riots when over 5000 innocent Sikh men, women, Children were brutally burnt alive, buttered from house to house, their famous line is... our leaders apologized to nation over it? What a logic and political reasoning?

Does the appology means, the dreaded criminals from Congress party who were responsible for the genocide of innocent human beings ought not be punished and hanged as murders?
Today, The citizens of India want to know who among the political class are traitors working against the interest of this country and even indirectly trying to provide logistical support to ISI, Hafeez Saeed, and allowing IM activities to grow on Indian soil?

They all need to be caught, convicted and hanged.

All other talk against Modi, BJP, RSS by Salman Khurshid, Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister is roadside gossip and a smart strategy to change the focus of people from the real issues by the Corrupt Congress governance.

For the sake of an argument, even if Modi is divisive, fascist, communal, Hitler, Killer, Maut Ka Saugar...What is Congress ?

Does all these allegations prove Congress is secular ?

Does it prove, Congress governance is non corrupt ? Congress ministers are not involved in scams ? Does Congress claim, 2G, CWG, Coal scam, Westland Chopper scam, Boffors scam, Emergency Rule, 1984 Sikh riots, rail scam are all false allegations? And there is no truth in it? This only a creation of their political opponents?

Stop taking people for granted. Stop fooling people. People hate politicians when they realize they are fooled and Politicians are faking.  But finally, people will respond to this arrogance.

Surely, The answer to your fake identity will reflect in 2014 mandate.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher