Monday, November 11, 2013

Will Congress study Indian History again?

Congressmen needs to stop re-writing Indian History.
Rahul Gandhi, Manish Tiwari
should Read History not written by a Congressman 
but By Reputed Historians.

Manish Tewari, Congress MP, ( Information & Broadcasting Minister ) ,in an interview to a news channel, quotes a letter by Sardar Patel to Guru Golwalkar of the RSS dated 11th Sept 1948.  "On 9/11/1948,
Sardar Patel wrote a letter to Golwalkarji. And, in that letter, he said that the communal poison which had been spread by the RSS was responsible for the sacrifice of Gandhiji.
But Manish Tiwari only spoke half truth and rest was a lie. He purposely did not talk about the full correspondence between Sardar Patel and Nehru and Sardar Patel and Guru Govalkar that is available in archives even today which exposes Congress false claims about RSS, Vishva Hindu Parishad or Hindu Mahasabhaa.

In the same letter that Tewari cites , the Sardar wrote... Read this part....

“There can be no doubt that the RSS did service to the Hindu society. In the areas where there was the need for help and organization, the young men of the RSS protected women and children and strove much for their sake. No person of understanding could have a word of objection regarding that” and he writes further “ I am thoroughly convinced that the RSS men carry on their patriotic endeavor only by joining the Congress and not by keeping separate or by opposing. " (Source: Justice on Trial )
It is clear that he wanted the Sangh to join Congress for whatever reasons he deemed fit. Therefore, it would be nice if a student of political history as Tewari claims himself to be, he goes through the entire documentation and study history again
What is further interesting is the following correspondence:
After removal of the ban on the RSS on 12 July 1949, Sardar Patel wrote a letter to Shri Guruji on this occasion and made a telling remark

Only the people near me know as to how happy I was when the ban on Sangh was lifted. I wish you all the best.’
Any person who is genuine and wants to present the truth, would have mentioned the whole correspondence between Sardar Patel and Guruji Golwalkar and not quote as it suits him. It clearly exposes the lies that Manish Tewari and his ilk are indulging in.
How the Efforts by the Congress to malign RSS Continue

In spite of all the direct evidence, the Congress did not end at this, In 1966, Nehru's daughter, Indira Gandhi appointed another commission under Justice JL Kapur, a retd judge of Supreme Court.  It examined over 100 witnesses and submitted a report in 1969. The Kapur Commission report said "

...RSS as such were not responsible for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi, meaning thereby that one could not name the organization as such as being responsible for that most diabolical crime, the murder of the apostle of peace. It has not been proved that they (the accused) were members of the RSS.."
In his speeches, after the ban was lifted, Shri Guruji endeared himself to many people outside the Sangh ranks with his magnanimity and moderation. His wisdom can be judged from his advice to his followers here..
‘Let us close this chapter of the ban on the Sangh,’ he told swayamsevaks and RSS sympathisers. ‘Do not let your minds be overcome with bitterness for those who, you feel, have done injustice to you. If the teeth were to bite the tongue do we pull out the teeth? Even those who have done injustice to us are our own people. So we must forget and forgive."
Compare this with Nehru's mean and jealous attitude of sidelining everyone who opposed in his way, so much so, that he arm-twisted even Mahatma Gandhi to name him as the Prime Minister when 12 out of 15 Congress committees named the Sardar over him as their Prime Ministerial choice
Both Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi tried falsely implicate the RSS in the Gandhi murder.  Nehru's great-grandson, Rahul Gandhi continues to harp on the "people who killled Gandhi". Having failed in their efforts, the Congress leaders & the communists continue to raise the bogey of Hindu communalism every now and then in a lowly attempt to garner votes and keep the country in a state of uncertainty

The only difference is that the nation is seeing through their game !

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher