Monday, March 10, 2014

A Letter to Kejriwal to Educate him on Gujarat

This is a Letter written by 
a Kutch resident to Arvind Kejriwal...

Educating Kejriwal on Development in Gujarat.

Only if Arvind Kejriwal removes his Congress Glasses and see things in Gujarat on real development and progress and talk about it honestly... He will be respected in this corrupt world more than following his hidden political agenda.
It starts here addressed to Arvind Kejriwal in all honesty...

"Welcome to Kutch Gujarat Mr. Kejriwal.

Nice to know that you want to survey the development of Kutch. So let we the people of Kutch Brief you with few facts.

1- Kutch has the population of 18 lac that is1% of UP, but produces 12,000 MW power and total will be 27000 MW by 2018.

2- To put this number into perspective Australia produces 30,000 MW power in spite of being the world’s largest per capita power consumer and having population 11 times that of Kutch !!! and this will be 35 % more than whole of Pakistan with population 100 times that of Kutch.

3- Kutch is in the process of becoming the largest cement producing district by far of India. Kutch is going to produce 10% of potash in a year’s time which is key ingredient of fertilizers.

Unfortunately in spite of India being agriculture based country we almost import 100% of potash, But this import will be reduced due to plant being put in Kutch that will provide direct benefit to every farmer of India.

4- Kutch is the largest wind farm power producing district in India.

5- Kutch is 3rd largest area producing Saw Pipes in the world, which are used in oil and gas piping.

6- Kutch handles maximum sea cargo in India and is home to two largest port of India.

7- Kutch has the largest edible oil refining capacity in India.

8- Kutch has the largest number of saw mills of wood in India, in spite of not having any forests.

9- Kutch’s tourism has developed by 1200% in 7 years and that too majorly in Muslim majority areas.

10- Kutch being the desert region with no water for 5 decades now receives drinking water directly from Narmada which has reached right upto the border for BSF jawans.

11- Kutch is the district with largest road network in India. And these all things have happened in front of our eyes and the time when Kutch was reduced to rubles due to one of the most severe earthquakes of India in 2001.

If you are unbiased and really want to see the development hopefully you will appreciate these things, that will give you a bigger stature among we the people of Kutch.

We are known for our warmth & hospitality,of course u need to open your
arms too, which is not likely to be done as you are in TOO much hurry"

By A resident of Kutch.

Dear Arvind Kejriwal...

STOP playing Negative Politics like all others. First be honest human being. And don't let power go to your head when you are nothing. Don't be arrogant to your political opponents. Narendra Modi never passed his political judgement on you. But if he does now after your Choreographed Drama with Congress partnership in Gujarat, Do not feel bad. It is not his style of working. He is proved a lot in his political career. 

Just respect that and do visit Gujarat if you wish to learn honestly how Modi Changed Gujarat.
Finally... learn to respect others. That is a merit every leader must have.

Ajay Angre

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