Monday, March 10, 2014

Kejriwal and his Dishonesty caught on the camera

Dishonest AAP is exposing 
Narendra Modi dishonestly on Development 
and progress in Gujarat.


Check this video Kejriwal caught on camera while manipulating leading TV channel and a known senior journalists

Its time Arvind Kejriwal and AAP gets exposed on their political dishonesty.

The fact is…Arvind Kejriwal, You took Corrupt Congress Support to form the government in Delhi and now trying to take high moral ground ? But you lost by compromising on principles. You too played self serving politics and fooled people of Delhi. Why should people believe your word ? What value does it have?

One who compromises with principles, morals once...can go to any length for selfish gains even next time if opportunity strikes. You are an opportunist.

You never booked Sheila Dixit for her corruption in Dehli governance? You never booked Robert Vadra and Hooda Government of Congress on corruption charges?

Are you not batting for Congress to cut into BJP votes in 2014?

Even your own founder members who are deserting you and your AAP are making these allegations against you. Don’t you think you have a moral obligation towards your own AAP members to explain when you are called a “Cheat? A Fraud?

It is not surprising, if man of your dishonesty is hired by some NGO, foreign foundation, or by a party like corrupt Congress to discredit Narendra Modi to stop coming to power? It is not a news. Because, only dishonest people can be purchased. Bought and used for doing unethical jobs.

Your visit to Gujarat to expose Narendra Modi is only a part of larger conspiracy.

If one has to believe your allegations on Gujarat Development model…. Do you have any better development model than what your flop show in Delhi ? Even your political ideology and honesty is exposed by your own acts and utterances.

You believe in Khaap Panchayat Model for delivering justice. Is that what your views about our Judiciary and constitution are? You believe in giving back Kashmir to Pakistan ? You believe Army has no role to play in Kashmir? You believe… IM known terrorists involved in several bomb blasts… Yasin Bhatkal is not a Terrorist. You believe Batlaa Encounter was a FAKE encounter even when court has confirmed it was not and all involved were terrorists.

Do you and your AAP want to create India into Afghanistan and Somalia?

Today, You and Your AAP has become a national security Threat for this country with your Maoists thinking.

Indians need to weed you out to save India in 2014. Because, there is no scope and space for Communists, Maoists, Naxalites thinking in Indian Democracy. Whatever you have to say... say it through Ballot Box. Not by adopting anarchist politics.

In 2014... Voting for AAP is like inviting chaos and anarchy in our politics to destabilize this country, its polity and economy. We can not afford to destroy our country by choosing wrong political options.

It would be like from Frying Pan to Fire. And worst. Our one VOTE should not destroy India. Our one VOTE must for the better future for India.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

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