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Is Sushil Kumar Shinde Home Minister of Congress?

Is Sushil Kumar Shinde Home Minister of India or Congress Party?



How does he take interview of Aseemanand 

By Caravan Magazine in the jail so lightly?

Can anybody walk into jail and talk to an accused?
 The so called interview of Aseemanand, an expose by Caravan Magazine of an accused in Samjhauta Express and other blast cases, claiming, Aseemanand confessed,   RSS had "sanctioned" the terror acts,.sounds fabricated on all counts. 

In his interview with "Caravan" magazine, Aseemanand had made the claim that the RSS leadership had sanctioned the "Hindu terror conspiracy" that included the blasts in Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Sharif. The magazine claims to have  9 hours of long interview conducted of Aseemanand Swami over two years in parts and having original recordings of the interview on CDs.? 

 As per records, Asemanand was in police custody in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, ruled by Congress at the time. Apart from this, he had told the court and written a letter that he had never given such an interview and his lawyer too is on record stating this is bogus claim as he is not aware of such an interview. 

Now it is reported by media, Aseemanad has in his hand written letter denied ever naming RSS or Any official from RSS as senior as Mr Mohan any interview. 

This is a fabricated story by some paid journalists and it can not be ruled out Congress hiring some journalists in making such fake story before elections. Congress is capable of stooping to such low level is known in many instances. Congress (I) has lost its character and credibility and desperately trying to regain its position by concocting fake stories.. Whatever Rahul and Sonia Gandhi may claim about their ideology to people of India, there secular vs communal game has no buyers anymore. They need to close their shops and leave politics.

About this Aseemanand interview by Caravan, the first obvious question any thinking person with little knowledge will ask is...How is it possible any outsider is allowed to enter into jail to interview an accused?

Caravan Publishers claim they have 9 long hours of interview on CDs? Which means, Jail authority allowed outsiders to go inside prison for 10-12 hours,to interview an accused? How can any outsider get an access to any accused in the jail?

When there is no one allowed to meet the accused prisoners, how did the publication Caravan managed to get permission from the jail authority to enter the jail cell for interview ? 

It is very clear, the publication, their journalists managed the entry inside the jail by paying bribe to jail authorities. Or, somebody from the government of the day arranged it with the plan to plant such a story just little before elections?

From any view, this is a very serious angle that first needs to be probed. All those involved in facilitating access inside the jail must be brought to book for committing a serious crime. Why nobody , not even a news channel like Times Now demand a probe about this serious jail break?

This has far reaching consequences and the Home Ministry needs to act immediately to book all the involved in this jail break. Sushil Kumar Shinds is seen laughing on such serious issue and does not seem to understand the seriousness simply because, as a Congressman he is looking at it as a political opportunity to attack BJP and Narendra Modi. But he forgets, he is the home Minister of India not of Congress party.

This proves there are corrupt officials who are into jail administration and if they are paid huge sums as a bribe can release any criminal, terrorists from the jail.  In our jails, all over India, many accused involved in terror attacks are kept and some of the hard core terrorists who have links with ISI, Pakistan can certainly make attempts to free their jailed accused by giving bribes? Is it not possible in this corrupt system?

How can Home Minister take such incident lightly and give a political color?
But the country is facing a serious problem  ... This Home minister is the same HM who while holding highest constitutional post speaks communal language. He says  "Hindu Terror" and wrote official letters to all police stations not to arrest young Muslim boys on any terror suspicion?

Can this Home Minister protect 1.2 Billion Indians under the oath he took while taking Home Minister position ?

Why doesn't Home minister understand this when the corruption at all levels is rampant and this case is classic case of corrupt jail authorities being used by Caravan journalists ?                             

Why should there not be criminal case lodged by Home Minister ?                 

Or is the case of his Congress governments involved in helping the Caravan publication getting entry inside the jails for fabricating this fake story against RSS, and then targeting BJP and Narendra Modi? 

How can we take Sushil Kumar Shinde seriously when such a serious crime is committed and Home Minister gives it a political color? 

How shameful for Home Minister it is when one publication breaks the law and poses threat to national security ?  

When the publication is trying to say what your NIA could not get out of the accused, we got it out in the confession.? This whole episode is reflecting on Home Department so badly that it says,  your NIA (National Investigating Agency) is so incompetent that they are not able to resolve cases in 6-8 years..It is tryting to prove  your police agencies are useless and incompetent?"

It is rightly pointed out by Minakshi Lekhi, the BJP spokesperson that, the interview was "fictitious" because it was conducted when Congress was in power in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. "... any cooking up of any sort is possible. 

Otherwise, why should a publication suddenly decide one fine morning to conduct an interview of Aseemanand when NIA was involved in the sensitive investigations, their findings were in front of the court proceedings? And when it is a legal reality that it is impossible to get jail authority permission to conduct such interview." Then who arranged it?

How was all this managed by Caravan journalists?                              

As a citizen of this country, I have every right to know how this was possible because it is my life and the life of million citizens of this country who get killed in terror attacks. The people of this country must know how could anybody manage such entry inside the jails?                                  

  Congress is playing gutter politics in frustration.                                    When Congress could not nail Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in 2002 riot cases, suddenly Snoopgate raised its head in the media and media started its trials. For Congress, national interests be damned. The political interests are supreme. That`s why Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi shouting on top and  taking high moral ground is all a farce. It is a big political drama to fool people of India. He and his congress President Sonia Gandhi are directly involved in politics of hate and poison.  It is Congress which is deeply involved in spreading the communal poison only to get into power.

Every time before elections, such stories are planted through paid journalists and sold media. Congress floats stories with the help of corrupt media and few journalists and Human Right Activists. Some of them are hired only for Modi and BJP bashing.

What surprises is... Congress, JDU, SP, BSP are selective in demands for probe, investigation,?

When there are news in the media about Sonia Gandhi issued a summons on 1984 Sikh Riots by US court, Nobody askes for probe? Or Sonia Gandhi name appears in the list of richest people in the world, Nobody demands investigation? Or the news in the media says, links with Quotrochi with Gandhi family... Nobody demands probe?

Why there are no demand for probes and investigations on such reports published in the media?  Why Nitish Kumar, Mayawati, Mulayum Singh and many other political parties keep quiet? 

Doesn't their political silence speak a lot about their own fake characters? Or their own corrupt characters? Are these fake political forces working together against BJP, RSS, and Narendra Modi to run their political shops to loot? 

When it comes to BJP, RSS, Narendra Modi, all of them are quick in making aggressive judgments for political motives and dividends. How fake and dishonest Congress and its alliance political partners can be?

People of India only have one message to Congress and its alliance partners who claim to be secular and protectors of Muslims in this country

Muslims are part of India and they are as much Indians as every citizen of India is.  They have all the rights our Constitution has given as much as the majority has.  Indian Constitution has not discriminated anyone on the basis of cast, creed and religion. 

Why Congress, JDU, SP, BSP, RJD are then playing communal cards for their vote banks? We are sick and tired of secular vs communal politics. Aseemanand is a same part of this communal politics played by Congress.

Just Stop it. Do not insult our intelligence any more and try our patience.

                                                                Ajay Angre

                                             Author, Writer, Publisher


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