Saturday, March 15, 2014

If YOU are Thinking of Voting For APP...

Those who are considering voting AAP in 2014... 
This is for them. (Part-1)

Those who will VOTE for AAP will VOTE against corruption, it will be an impact of a civil movement started by Anna Hazare for certain.

But all those voting for AAP also will be VOTING for a party....

1- Which does not believe in Electoral Democracy, Constitution of India, Democratic institutions, Role of opposition, party with no political vision, no positive agenda except one point agenda to come to power.

2- They will also be voting AAP for....

Chaotic politics, for a party with no political experience, no maturity. They will be voting for a party which has many internal conflicts, for party which has no direction at state or national level except one point agenda to discredit all political opponents with the one and only appeal,  
That AAP and AAP can only provide good governance. 

But is there any reason or proof to believe their claim?

Big NO. We all have seen the proof of Good or the Bad Governance by AAP in Delhi.

Whatever there pathetic defense on their Dramatics in Delhi governance, It is far from the truth. They quit government on their own without taking Delhi people into confidence and asking for  their referendum as per their declared political policy.

We have witnessed Chaos and irresponsible behavior of AAP while in power.

Common people DO NOT want French revolution in a Democratic country. In India it is no Mughal Raj ruling over their subjects nor a Dictator ruling over masses.

Democracy is very much vibrant and Active. This is one reason why Rebels like Arvind Kejriwal are in politics and enjoying the constitutional freedom by misusing the very freedom this Democracy and our Constitution is giving them. Let them not forget this while giving big lectures and calling their opponents "Chors"

They have been abusive in addressing their political opponents and that only shows their cheap culture. By being abusive, accusing all others, they are  raising their moral standards  but are exposing their cheap, street style of politics.

If Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP members believe in REVOLUTION against this Democratic Republic, and its constitution, if AAP want to REBEL against the established Democratic institutions like our parliament, our Judiciary, our law and order agencies, our active media, 

isn't it  exactly what the extremists Rebellion groups like Maoists or Naxalites believe in?

If AAP believes in all of this, Anarchy. Kidnapping. Highjacking. Killing. Bombing. Destroying. Destabilizing...

People of India do not want a REVOLUTION BY ANARCHISTS.

People of India do not want this Democracy destroyed. Democratic institutions demolished. Constitutional values dishonored.

People of India want POLITICAL and ELECTORAL REFORMS through BALLOTS.

It is NOT AAP who started the movement against Corruption and corrupt political system. For many many years, there are many Social Activists like Anna Hazare who have given their entire life fighting against corruption, corrupt political class, corrupt political system and for Electoral Reforms.

Read Part-2 in continuation.

Ajay Angre
Author Writer, Publisher.

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