Saturday, March 15, 2014

Those who still want to vote for AAP

Those who still want to vote for AAP....

Arvind Kejriwal and his comrades like Manish Sesodia were not in the movement against corruption till they join Anna`s movement. Annajee has been fighting against corruption for over40 years now and singlehandedly. There was no Arvind Kejriwal and AAP.

AAP has ,, specially Arvind Kejriwal has used,  miss used and abused Anna Hazare`s social platform by taking a piggy ride to come to fame as Crusaders against corruption.  But People of India are not fools.

It is not very old history when just three years back Anna Hazare started movement against corrupt political system, corrupt political class and millions of commoners, men, women, housewives, youth, students, teachers, workers, officers, managers, old, freedom fighters, retired men from all over India joined Anna`s crusade against corruption.

Annaji has been fighting political corruption for the last over 40 years. 

He is known social activist for so many years and he has remained Apolitical to change corrupt political system. Lot many people joined him. 

It was Annaji who changed the frustrated mindset of Youth.

Anna was the one who inspired and motivated the youth of this country to fight the corrupt system that was utterly frustrated and disgusted with corrupt political class and corrupt political system.

It was Anna who got youth into the fight against corruption not Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP. It was Annaji who gave hope to youngsters together we can CHANGE India.

It is not AAP who started movement against corruption. In fact AAP destroyed Anna`s movement with their selfish political ambitions. 

After post independence, after 67 years of political mismanagement, criminalization of politics started by Indira For India and India For Indira, self serving politics. it is Gandhi family used, misuse and abused political power for serving family interests. Gradually with their loyalists around, destroyed Democratic Institutions of India for their political benefits.

That is when we witnessed EMERGENCY RULE. Censorship. Human rights violation.

That is when we witnessed how judiciary was suffocated when Allhabad High Court judgement went against Indira Gandhi. That is when we saw thousands were thrown in the jails. That is when we saw media censorship. That is when we experienced fundamental rights given by our constitution were withdrawn. and violated by Congress.

What was all that about? A Fascist ruling over India

Wasn't that a fascist, Hitler like political move by Congress ? Does Rahul Gandhi know the past of Congress? He is talking about past history of RSS and Sangh parivar? does he know it was Sardar Patel who is on records calling RSS and Vishva Hindu Parishad nationalist cultural organization ?

Does he know ...During the 1965 war, the then Congress Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri had invited and lauded RSS help in helping maintain public order in Delhi?, Taking up traffic police assignments and thus relieving policemen to go on war time duties?. Has he ever studied history?

Who is he teaching history? Narendra Modi? RSS? Vishva Hindu Parishad? BJP?

Which school has he gone to study history? He is most dishonest person humiliating these organizations who are lauded by his seniors in the past on record.

When Rahul Gandhi calls Narendra Modi "Hitler" he should feel first ashamed for his fascist grandmother. But does he have that honesty to face the truth? After all he has learned to stay in power from his Gandhi family like his grandmother and mother.

But... Arvind Kejriwal can see only Narendra Modi as the most corrupt politician of India, the biggest danger for India not Congress.

Part-3 in continuation

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher