Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal is diging his own grave.

We are witnessing once again 
anarchy by unruly AAP in Mumbai. 

 AAP proved it once again, they do not believe in Rule of Law.
After many years of public pressures, and after 26/11 terrorists attack at CST, crores were spent on security of the travelers by installing metal detectors at stations. Today, AAP unruly mob damaged public property and the important security system installed to save lives of millions who travel in locals everyday.

I was watching indisciplined unruly AAP crowd damaging the metal detectors shamelessly. never thought of crores spent for security of the Aam Admi traveling everyday ? When... at the same Churchgate or CST Stations, many many thousands cross these same detectors everyday, mornings and evenings, but never damage even one of them.

How AAP members can be so careless who never bothered public property being damaged ? And even their irresponsible leaders like Arvind Kejriwal who could not control AAP crowd ?

What kind of leadership is this who do not have control over their irresponsible rowdy members ? Why is it that the Mumbai police have not arrested these AAP criminals and thrown in the jails? Including their leaders who provoke their followers for their cheap political agenda?

The fact is... Arvind Kejriwal believes in anarchy and chaos and likes to attract media attention for cheap publicity.

AK is not working for aam admi but for himself. Internal conflicts in AAP on his autocratic style of functioning are showing cracks when his close comrades like Kumar Vishwas and Shazia Ilmi are complaining in the social media with his functioning.

Arvind Kejriwal`s initial claims of internal democracy, transparency, people`s referendum are bogus claims and many of his founder senior members are deserting him everyday because of his deceptive political posturing in public and diagonally opposite behind the doors.

He is completely exposed with his own dishonesty. someone has rightly said... Dishonesty and cheating does not take you too far. There NO Short cuts in life for personal or professional success.

Arvind Kejriwal is digging his own grave. He is fast loosing his credibility in public.

A country like India has thousands of gullible innocent people who believe and follow such fake dishonest leaders, leaders who are good talkers and salesmen who can sell their ideas with good attractive packaging. Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP is such Chinese made cheap brand, only selling because of its attractive packaging. and only to those few thousands. Some have seen it as a BAD product already.

AAP will die its own death soon because of its over ambitious, dishonest leader.

Ajay angre
Author, Writer, Publisher