Monday, March 10, 2014

Modi Faking on Development in Gujarat, Kejriwal

Gujarat is the most underdeveloped and 
corrupt state of India.

 Says Arvind Kejriwal

Note the language Ex CM of Delhi uses in public against an elected Head of the State.

Says Arvind Kejriwal...

Main poochta hun... iss Chaywalleh Ke Pass itne Hawai Jahaz Kahase aaye???
Yeh Chaywaleh Ke Pass itna Paisa Kahan Se aaya?
Yeh Chaywaleh Ke pass kitne planes Hai or iska Paisa Kaun deta Hai??
Questions Arvind Kejriwal.

Dear Kejriwal... if you are listening to what others say... this is for you.

Yehh Batameez Arvind Kejriwal Ko isee Batameezi Se Jabab Dena Chahiyen.

Kyaunki Yehh Batameez Besharum Yehi Language Samaz ta Hai. Shaayad isske Maa aur Pitajee Yehi Sochtain Honge... Humne toh isse Yeh Batamijzzee Naihin Sikhaaee thee? Yeh itna Batameez aur Besharum Kaisa Ho Gaya Ki usne uske Guru, Anna Hazare Se Bhi Tameez Nahi Sikhi??? Yeh un maa aur pitaa ka AAj Dukh Hoga.

Yeh Sahi hain... Arvind Kejriwal kisi Se bhi Batamizee Karta Hai. Aur usko wapis School Bhejna Chahi Hai TAMEEZ Sikhne Ke liye.

Dear Arvind Kejriwal… This is a open letter to your Batameezi

You and Manish Sesodia have returned to Delhi safely in one piece and were not killed in fake encounter by Modi Police. So if your speech was to mislead and misguide your audience… for getting their votes in Gujarat, You will see your downfall soon because of your dishonest politics.

You claim to be simple, honest aam Admi.. but everyday You are getting exposed with your dramatics. Aam Admi does not behave in this dishonest manners.

Even if all your false allegations are to be believed, against Narendra Modi….

There are many many others from Gujarat and outside Gujarat from Business and Industry, from different professions, working class, men and women, college students, mainly the youth... who are of the view that YES, it is a reality, Gujarat is well developed State. It has shown ZERO tolerance against corruption. And the progress of Gujarat state is there to see for all .

And for what Gujarat is today...they give credit to the leadership of Gujarat.

And that is why Gujarat gave their mandate three times to Narendra Modi to lead their state with full confidence in his leadership.

Also... there are no reports appearing in the active media saying… thousands and thousands are leaving Gujarat State in desperation for want of jobs, for want of educational and health facilities,?` No reports on...People are dying with hunger, there is water scarcity. Industries are closing down because of ugly corruption at all government offices.

Surprisingly... No media reports who are indulging into media bashing to target Modi No reports on fake claims by Modi on 24 hrs uninterrupted, 365 day power and water to all villages or power black-outs for hours ? Or their life is constantly threatened by fake encounters ?

Arvind Kejriwal… is there an exodus of people even from minority communities to other states because of their persecution? Or is this again communal politics by AAP in partnership with Congress ?

You claim that... to LIVE in Gujarat has become a torture and impossible.

How come in 21st century… when a Chief Minister even has Cold , next minute it is reported by TV channels as a Breaking News… But Fake claims by Narendra Modi on well developed Gujarat, Not exposed by any TV Channel ?

There are many TV channels who are working for Congress propaganda against Modi, how come they have missed what you saw in Gujarat?

Arvind Kejriwal … is it not true, You read Congress written Script given to You to fool Gujarat people?

Why should others testimonials not be believed and why should Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sesodia`s 48 hours Report card on progress and development of Gujarat be believed who have proved nothing in Delhi even after getting golden opportunity to show what is good governance ?

Dear Kejriwal... Accept this honestly… AAP did not have people`s clear mandate in Delhi. You joined hands with corrupt Congress and exposed your immoral character.

In terms of numbers… mandate in Delhi was for BJP is a reality.

So your claiming all the time, voters in Delhi chose AAP for governance is a false and dishonest claim. Don’t mislead people. Yes, we know in this country there are many suckers who would believe you. And many are.

Would you like to fool them? Like the corrupt Congress has been fooling for the past 67 years?

What have you done in Delhi? Delhi people are calling you “Bhagodaa”? Jo Bade Bade Vade Karke, Bhaag Gaya. AAP was never seriously committed to CHANGE Delhi for good. AAP was never committed to provide good Governance in Delhi. Not even one Day. Your entire focus was on cheap publicity for 2014 elections.

You cheated Delhi electorate. If you were honest in your commitments... You would have stayed for 5 year term and proved your good governance skills.

But you failed to prove anything except your political dishonesty.

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

( See Part 3 in continuation)

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