Monday, March 10, 2014

Gujarat Development Model is Fake - Kejriwal

Gujarat is worse in Development and Corruption
Arvind Kejriwal says.

Is it as Bad as Afghanistan or Somalia?


Arvind Kejriwal discovered on his Gujarat Discovery Tour that Gujarat is in bad state than all other states of India. Narendra Modi has ruined it completely. Says AK.

Farmers are committing suicides, their lands are grabbed forcefully and given to Mukesh Ambani and Adnani. There is no power in villages, No roads connecting villages, Hospitals do not have doctors and medicines. Schools are in pathetic condition without toilets and no teachers. And teachers are paid as meager as Rs 5400 salary.

And worst is... Gujarat is the most corrupt state in India. for anything to do in the administration... You have to pay bribes. like 5000- 10000 Rs to get your work done.

One lakh sixty thousand small scale units closed down in the last 10 years of Modi Rule. Why? Because Modi wanted their lands to give it to Ambani and Adnani.
Farmers are given 10 Rs against their lands as compensation and next day same lands are sold to Ambani for 25 lakhs?

Job opportunities are Zero because industries are closing down. So huge unemployment is seen in Gujarat. As regards to safety and security of women... Police are so corrupt in Gujarat they are only busy in encounters ordered by Modi and Amit Shah

It is also a false picture that agriculture growth is 11-12 percent. If it was true, why Kissan of Gujarat are ending lives in frustration ?. AK says.

And in spite of this destruction of Gujarat in the last 10-12 years, Modi claims his model of development is best? And he wants to adopt the same model if he becomes PM of India. Arvind Kejriwal is warning voters of India... Do Not vote for Modi in 2014... and Vote for AAP ?

AK says....Gujarat is not govern by Modi but Mukesh Ambani.

Gujarat development model is of Ambanies and Adnani. And the worst is... if anyone goes against Modi, he either purchases them, or throws them out or Kills them.
Says AK.

I thank God, Says Arvind Kejriwal, that he is still alive and his encounter is not ordered by Modi so far. He further says in his typical theatrics...

Yeh Chaywallah... Sabko Marwata Hai jo uske against jata hai.

will be continued in Part-2

Ajay Angre
Author, Writer, Publisher

will be continued in Part-2